2013 recommendations + 2014 resolutions :)

finally! the last post of 2013! ^^
well, i cannot say that i wrote a lot this year, but i can confidently say that i wrote more than last year, which is good.... i guess? *grin*
to be honest, i am already out of ideas on what to write to -so called- celebrate the end of 2013. i had written 'best of the bests' post before, but since i didn't have much 'best of the bests' last year, i decided to write my new year resolutions in a form of 'letter to the past and future me'.

so, genius me decided to combine both in a post this year. muhohohohoho.

however, i didn't use the term 'best of the bests' this time, because i think i haven't watched many movies, read many books, or whatever to call this as the best, but i can use the term 'recommendations' i guess... rite? RITE??

okay, before everything gets weirder, i better start now, ne??

WARNING: you guys know that i'm so into kpop right? so you better understand that most recommendations are going to be kpop-related, or else you can stop here if you are not really into kpop recommendations ^^

recommended movie

Miracle in Cell No. 7

i think i already have enough share of movies this year, regardless of the language and genre. i just watched this movie yesterday, and this movie really takes the cake. i can even say that this is my second most favorite movie because nothing is able to defeat Armaggeddon as my all time favorite movie, yet. this movie successfully made me heave and cry to the limit that i couldn't breathe. i am such a sucker for family and friendship movies, and this movie catered both of my needs. seriously, before watching this, make sure to prepare a box of tissues next to you, no matter how heartless you are, because i'm sure that you'll -at least- shed a single tear during the movie.

recommended series

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

i am so sorry that i just put korean series into consideration for this recommendation. i really don't have enough patience to wait for 5 or 6 more seasons before finishing any hollywood series :P i am actually torn between choosing this or School 2013 as the most recommended series, but then i decided to pick SUFBB after much much MUCH thought. i know there are more famous korean series out there *coughTheHeirscough* but i love this even more. this is definitely not your typical series, because you'll get enough brotherhood and love stories, with a pinch of family issues here and there. this series also have perfect dose of humour, fluff, and angst, IMHO. however, what i love the most about this series is the ending. i'm pretty confident to say that SUFBB got the most realistic ending, with the closure that you may not get in other series. definitely recommended :)

recommended animated movie

Rise of The Guardians

because jack frost is the most handsome cartoon character ever. enough said.

naaaaah i'm just kidding :D  that is definitely one of the reasons. but you still need to watch this because, well, where else can you get all of the legendary childhood story characters in one movie? a good storyline is just a bonus after all :)

recommended ballad track

SHINee - Selene 6.23

i really understand if you say that i am biased since shinee is like my ultimate favorite kpop group. however, you should listen to this song and read the english translation to understand why i recommend this song. this song is most probably the most underrated title song from shinee, but this is my most favorite ballad from them. another reason why i love this song is the way how onew and taemin's voice blend beautifully at minute 2:23 *cries a river*

recommended upbeat track

Infinite - Request

what i love about this song is actually its simplicity. being a nice mood-lifting song does not need complicated tunes, and this song just proves it. the beat is just nice to make you smile and tap your fingers on the table a little bit, but it is always successful to make me feel better. the fact that the members are the ones who wrote and composed this song (sunggyu and woohyun), created the choreography (hoya and dongwoo), even designed the album cover (L, sungyeol, sungjong) made this song even better in my eyes (or ears? no idea hehehe). unfortunately, this song was not promoted in music shows or even sung in concerts because this is just a promotional song for Samsung. i want to hear more of this song live, actually :(

recommended MV

Lee Seungchul - My Love

some of you might not know this song (really, what is it with me and underrated songs?) or maybe just found out about this song during SBS Gayo Daejun (because Onew-Woohyun-Hyunseung-Sandeul sang the remix of it and OMG I GOTTA SAY THAT I WAS REALLY OVERWHELMED BCS THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG FROM LEE SEUNGCHUL AND ONEW MY HONORABLE BIAS SANG THE REMIX OF IT ok nevermind pls understand my emotional outburst just now), but you really have to take a look at the MV. the mv is just simple, it is actually a footage video of how a guy proposes to his girlfriend, but you gotta see the way he proposed because OMG how rich are you to have that kind of proposal really??? the proposal is really sweet and moving and god you really just need to watch it!

recommended site


i started to know tumblr and became addicted to it during this year, to the limit that i abandon my facebook now. some people say that it's complicated to use tumblr, but trust me, even not-tech-savvy-me can enjoy it so much. my most favorite thing about tumblr is because it is easy to find your favorite tumblogs or even posts through hashtags, also because you can reblog the posts that you like, or just simply 'like' it. i love tumblr because of kpop, but you basically can find all the things that you like here, from movies to art. trust me, once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to leave tumblr :P

hmmmm, are these recommendations good enough for you? well, i hope so :D

sooooo let's get going to my new year resolutions, shall we?
first of all, after last year, to be honest, i don't really believe in new year resolutions. for me, if you want to be a better person, you don't have to wait until next year to do so. however, i have two goals that i really want to achieve during 2014:

1. replace rice with oat for lunch at least three times a week (for health purposes, definitely)

and most importantly

2. graduate as master of science.

extra fingers to cross please? hehehe. thank you ^^

soooooo last but not least, happy new year and have an amazing year ahead! ^^

Super Show 5 Malaysia #SS5MALAYSIA

annyeonghaseyo! ^^
some of you who follow my blog might know already that i am a kpop fan, especially SHINee and Super Junior. my sister is also their big fan, but she's more towards SJ than SHINee like i am. so, it is understandable right that watching SHINee World Concert or Super Show together is within our wishlist? :) at first, we thought it's impossible since i am currently in Malaysia while she resides in Indonesia, and it is definitely expensive to fly either one of us to wherever the other is.
i have been a fan of Super Junior (or you can call that an ELF ^^) since three years ago, and unfortunately i missed their Super Show 3 (SS3) because, well, i wasn't an ELF yet at that time :P. i had saved up for SS4 but they decided not to have their fourth super show in Malaysia. so, when the seating plan and ticket sale for SS5 Malaysia was announced, i directly called my sister and asked whether she wanted to watch it with me. since she's even a bigger ELF than i am, she agreed rightaway, although she had to pay extra for her flight ticket to go here.
on 29th september 2013, the promotor had a kind of ticket presale, in which all tickets were discounted for 10%, at paradigm mall. it was a totally crazy sale since most of ELFs already queued at the mall since the night before. yep, that means they were having a sleepover at the mall. pretty scary, nuff said.
i arrived at the mall at 9am, while actually the sale would only get started at 11am, and the queue already reached the second floor at that time.

at first i wanted to buy the cheapest ticket for both of us, which was around rm 238 before discount, but it was sold out even before i reached half of the queue. i was about to get out of there, but then i thought, this might be once in a lifetime experience. i am a westlife fan, but i didn't get the chance to watch their concert until they broke up, and i regret this so much until now. at the end, my thought was like, ah whatever, screw it, and i decided to buy the second cheapest ticket, which was rm 388 before discount. i got a free poster somemore, so the 4 hours that i spent standing, queueing for the ticket was pretty worth it ^^

the concert was held at Putra Indoor Stadium on 23rd november 2013 at 5pm. my sister and i arrived at the venue together with my two besties, zhafarina (you might remember her from my Seeing Siwon post :P) and midah. we arrived there around 1pm because we wanted to collect the freebies like banners, photocards and posters, and to buy tshirt and lightstick. we had Kyochon chicken (whose ambassador is Super Junior :P) for our lunch and it was really delicious! i can't wait for their opening in january 2014 ^^
we already started queueing to get into the venue at 3pm

the gate itself was opened at around 4pm. the security guards were really strict, they checked our bags one by one to ensure that we didn't have the restricted items such as umbrella or sharp objects (and i had to throw my umbrella away because of this *le sobs*).

we were ones of those who queued first, so we entered the venue quite early ^^

we got the front row, so the view was quite awesome. we could see all the members without fail or any hindrance, but i can't deny that i didn't know whom i had to focus on during the concert, since Super Junior got 11 members in total and each and every one of them is enchanting ^^
when the light started to be turned off and everyone lit up their lightsticks, all i saw was a sapphire blue ocean, and i started crying

this was like a dream came true for me. i watched each and every super show that Super Junior had on youtube, and i couldn't help but feeling jealous everytime i saw the fans chanting or singing together. i promised myself to be part of the sapphire blue ocean someday, and i just couldn't believe that i finally became part of it :')
i cried even harder when their VCR started playing on the screen because it's like 'OMG OMG OMG it's starting it's starting!!!' and when they finally came out singing Mr Simple, i screamed my lungs out (well, i screamed my lungs out throughout the concert anyway :P).

some interesting details of the concert can be seen at my sister's tumblr fanaccount. i would just tell you guys about my feelings and share the pictures here, it's okay right? ^^

first of all, it is really worth to spend such amount of money for this concert, well for any super show really. the sound system was perfect since i still could listen to them singing amidst the fans' screams. the effects were amazing with the elevating stages, the laser effects, the moving exits and all. the concert was started on time and it was 4 hours long with 28 songs in total. Super Junior members themselves were playful and professional at the same time, so it is a total lie if we didn't enjoy the concert.
SS5 really gave me mixed feelings. it was 4 hours of excitement, astonishment, laughter (their superhero VCR and the one in the park were really funny! and well, these guys are a bunch of dorks too, so i definitely laughed a lot), tears (i cried my heart out when Kyuhyun and Ryeowook sang Gray Paper on behalf of Yesung, especially when Yesung appeared on the screen, and also when they sang So I because it was the ending), and screams. they really know how to interact with their fans despite the language barrier. i might be biased, but i have to say that Super Junior are true entertainers. 8 years of existence in the wild wild cruel kpop world is no joke man, and being in the business for 8 years with increasing amount of fans every now and then definitely says something, right? :)

sooooooo here are the pictures that my sister took that day. she only managed to capture not even halfway of the concert because she was caught recording, and video recording was restricted during the concert -_____-" sorry for the blurry quality, we were too excited and the boys couldn't stop moving ^^

Let's Get Married Project during Marry You

Henry during Cold

Donghae and Eunhyuk during Cold

Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Henry during Cold

Kyuhyun during How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

Kyuhyun during How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

Ryeowook, Sungmin, Zhoumi, Kyuhyun during How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong during dance stage

Won Dambi :P

Hyunming :P

Heechul during Close Your Mouth

Sungmin during A-Oh

SJM during A-Oh

SJM during A-Oh

Donghae lifted Henry ^^ so cute ^^

Never Leave U Project during Daydream

in conclusion, i totally can't wait for SS6 because i know that it will be even more awesome than SS5 ^^ well, i better start saving from now on :P

thank you for reading. annyeong! ^^v

ps: you can watch my sister's fancam for Super Junior M's Go here

my sunday morning thought

what i love most about my weekend is when i don't have to rush to do anything, and i usually spend my whole morning laying on my bed, thinking about things while listening to some music, before i finally get up because my tummy asks to be filled. just like this morning. i felt like my bed became a hundred times more comfy, and the weather was just perfect, so i just laid back and let a lot of things passed my brain all at once.

oh well, before i start writing anything more, i better warn you that this post is going to be another useless rants, so you better stop here if you don't want to read it but if you insist... well, i'm pretty sure that you have a lot of better things to do, so you better think again, hehe. i treat my blog as my dumpster of feelings, so here i am asking for your understanding ^^

ehm, soooooo

i am currently 24 and if you happen to look back to my old blog posts, i targeted myself to get married when i am 25 years old, a.k.a next year. yes, and my next birthday is not even 12 months from now. a zillion wedding invitations that i keep on receiving this year just make it worse, to be honest :P

well, those wise people say that 'no pain, no gain'. in other words, i have to widen my social circle, try to mingle here and there to get new friends and then, who knows, find my Mr. Right. the problem is..... ehm, it's pretty embarassing to say this, but my last heartbreak was a bit traumatic for me. i am now too afraid to make friends with guys, because i am scared that i'll fall for them and i am definitely not ready for another heartbreak just yet. i am afraid to make friends with girls too because the one who hurt me last time (by having the honor to be the girlfriend of the one who broke my heart, of course) was someone who was just around me, and somehow i am also not ready for another betrayal. at the end, i prefer to be in comfort of my four walls, and without realizing it, i become an introvert (or maybe even more introverted than i used to be :P).

one of my housemates said to me that i haven't been in any gathering held by indonesian student association here for soooo long that some new people there asked her whether i am a loner (cnblue's oetoriya at the background, keke. okay, back to the topic). i knooowww this is one of my new year resolutions, to make new friends and widen my social circle, but trust me, i am such an awkward turtle that i am not sure if people want to be around me. i just.... don't know how to deal with people. i am totally not a people person. i can work in a team, i know how to do my work with people, but just don't ask me to start a new conversation with a stranger, or even to ask people that i haven't met for long time about what they're up to. i am soooo not into icebreaking, i tell ya.

so i guess i have to change my resolution into 'trying not to be an awkward turtle', because making new friends is hard if i haven't gotten rid of my awkwardness, rite?

as usual, i don't even know what i write (_ _")

what do you know about introverts?

well, the title is the question that i want to ask you before proceeding further to the post.

if what you know about introverts is this...

sorry, you're completely wrong.
don't worry, i was like you too, before i found out that i am actually an introvert.
it all started when i unintentionally did this personality quiz at, and i was diagnosed as an INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

i was not that surprised with the last three traits because i knew that i've been like that for my whole life, but knowing that i am an introvert was new. what surprised me more was when the result told me that i was 89% more an introvert than an extravert. in case you don't know, i am a very chatty person. i also think that i am quite confident everytime i am asked to present in front of the class (eventhough i have to undergo some minor palpitation first before presenting, kekekeke). that's why i was confused why i was diagnosed as an introvert.

after that, i dug some informations about introverts in the web, and what i got (again) surprised me because introverts are actually like this

and based on those informations that i get, introverts are not that much different from extraverts

the difference is just extraverts feel recharged when they meet and socialize. the more people they interact with, the more energized they feel. on the other hand, introverts feel recharged when they are alone and do their own things. the more people they interact with, the more drained their energy is. however, it doesn't mean that introverts are antisocial. they still come to parties or other social events, but then when they feel it's tiring enough for them to socialize, they will go back home. that's it.

so, after reading this 'newfound' definition of introversion and extraversion, now i can accept that i am an introvert. i socialize when i want to, and i don't push myself to be in the social circle that i am not comfortable with. i also don't push myself to join the 'in' events forthesake of making myself look sociable, because it will be more uncomfortable for me and even people around me to know that i don't enjoy the event. besides, i don't enjoy being in a big crowd, because i will slowly become anxious since i am not really a people person.

however, i know how to have fun. i go to malls, window-shopping, gathering in restaurants or cafes, or even karaoke box with my closest friends. the thing is, i can't deny that i am such a homey person. my way of recharging myself is staying at home, watching or doing  this or that in my laptop, reading novels, or making something without leaving my comfortable cocoon of a home. that is my favorite weekend 'getaway', and trust me, i always feel more energized and refreshed when monday comes.

buuuuuut it doesn't mean that i do not enjoy travelling or hanging out, nope, not at all. i enjoy those things, but since these things are those that drain my energy, i become selective of it and i don't do these things much, but, of course, i still want to do them sometimes :)


after understanding what introverts are all about, here are tips on how to deal with them (just in case you have one or more introvert friends :D)

well, this is the end of this post, and i hope you see introverts in a new light and know how to communicate or be friends with them now without being, well you know, awkward or something :D


it's just.... hard

it's hard, you know.

i always try to please everyone. i always try to make everyone likes me, for my whole life.
but at the end, they will always forget me, they forget that i exist, they will always leave me for someone who's more fun to be with, smarter, livelier, more adorable, more lovely

they will always leave me at the end.

people tend to remember my mistakes. they will only find me when they need help, or when i make any mistake that i have to fix.

they will never find me when they want to have fun. i don't actually mind that much for that since i know that i'm a boring person and i'm such a party pooper.

i just want them to find me when they need someone to trust, when they need a shoulder to lean on.

but they won't.

at the end, i am always the lonely one.

and since i don't want to be a burden to anyone
might as well get used to this loneliness from now on, right?

life with westlife

i was doing a little cleanup to my harddisk when i suddenly came across one notepad file titled 'westlife post', and i found out that it was this post that i wrote two years ago (somewhere around october 2011) when i heard that my favorite band was splitting up. i seriously wonder why i didn't post it and it ended up stranded in my harddisk for two friggin years *facepalm*
since i think it would be such a waste to ignore this post, i guess it's okay for me to post it now right? teehee~ *grin*


at first, it was just quite a frustrating afternoon for me since my lecturer just announced that my class was going to have a re-test for our physics first test, and for me it's frustrating since i hate physics with all my heart.

then all of sudden, my sister bbm-ed me a link from bbc news. i couldn't open that link from my bb since i wasn't connected to the wifi, so i asked her what that link was all about.

she gave me the first sentence of the article and i could feel that my eyes became twice bigger, seeing the screen of my cellphone in disbelief.


yes, i was shocked. really shocked, to be honest.

i quickly opened their official website once i arrived home, and the first thing that caught my eye was this announcement:

"After 14 years, 26 top ten hits including 14 number one singles,11 top 5 albums, 7 of which hit the top spot and have collectively sold over 44 million copies around the world, 10 sell out tours and countless memories that we will forever cherish, we today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year.
The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures. We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking forward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time.
Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family. We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too.
We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true for all of us.
Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane"

and i couldn't blame myself when tears started rolling down my cheeks.

for your information, i have been a huge westlife fan for the past 13 years. i remembered when i started listening to english boybands, and the first boyband that i was listening to was boyzone, since my mom bought me the cassette (CDs were too expensive okay) and said to me that the songs were good. i was still on my 5th grade at that time, and i introduced boyzone to my cliques.
then one of my friends said that i should have a try on westlife, and she lent me her westlife album, it was titled 'westlife'. yes, their first album. i brought that home and listened to it. boyzone might be the first boyband that i knew, but westlife was the one that captured my heart instantly. the first track of that album was 'swear it again', which was their first single as well, and i bought a copy of that album not so long after that because i was fascinated by that song.

a lot of favorite songs followed 'swear it again', such as 'fool again', 'flying without wings', 'we are one', 'moments', and my all-time favorite, 'if i let you go'. the second album also gave me a lot of good stuff to listen to, like 'my love', 'i lay my love on you', 'soledad', 'somebody needs you', and so on. they continued with their third, fourth, fifth, and so on, and so on. i started to love westlife when i was still in primary school, and internet was not a hit at that time, so i knew all about them from the magazines that i bought. there were even unofficial biography and similar stuff like those which i bought just because i wanted to know more about this band. i also started to save my pennies for their official VCD (well, since DVD was not as famous as today during that time) 'westlife story' and 'coast to coast tour'. the price was quite expensive for a primary school student like me at that time, but i didnt hesitate to cut out some of my pocket money to buy those VCDs since i am a fan of this band.

the member i loved the most from this band was kian. kian john francis egan. i loved him so much back then that i decided to copy his signature and made it my own signature with some modifications (and yes, i still use this signature until now :P). i started to fall in love with his wide, pure, friendly smile, and that ended with his face all over my bedroom in the form of posters on my walls, stickers on my cupboard, and photos on my desk.

westlife gave me a lot of memories. i started to make friends with my primary school besties (and we are still in contact until now) because all of us love westlife. we even decided to watch their concert together and started to save our money for it, but we had to cancel the plan since the concert was held at the same time with our final examination.

westlife were with me in most parts of my life, since they can always give me songs that are suitable with the moments. for example, my all-time favorite 'if i let you go' is always on my playlist everytime i'm in love with someone, but i cannot confess to him because i'm afraid of the rejection he will give me (which is most of the time, explaining why it became my all time favorite). 'i lay my love on you', 'my love', 'i promise you that', 'evergreen', and many other songs were there for me everytime i am falling in love. when i am brokenhearted, 'obvious', 'i cry', 'soledad', and many more were there in my 'broken' playlist. westlife have been with me for the past 13 years. i know k-pop has been taking over me lately and i didn't catch up with westlife nowadays. i didn't even have their latest album. i just simply downloaded the songs that i like, and i'm not really catching up with them. however, their songs are always there in my playlist, and i don't forget them completely.

basically, it's hard for me to know that the band which has been there in 13 years of my life is going to split. it was already hard for me when i saw bryan walking out of the band, and now i have to see all of them walking out of the band. there will be no more westlife. it was enough to bring me to tears, especially after reading their statement thanking to fans who have been there during their journey. i may not be their most loyal fans, but i feel the same sadness with their loyal fans when they said that they were about to split up.

however, i'm trying to understand and accept their decision. 14 years is not a short period of time. they spent their adult life together, they even grew up together. they have made amazing achievements during their career, and i guess it's time for them to take a break. they need to spend more time with their family, one thing that they couldn't do much during the past 14 years. they are already in their thirties, and their priorities have changed. they've experienced enough time in music industry, and it's time for them to grow outside of westlife, individually, in their own ways. i know i'm sad, but i have to respect their decision and keep supporting them. that's what a true fan does, right? :)

thank you for being there for me, westlife. when you all were growing up, i was growing up with you too. i'm now out of words, but basically i want to say big thanks. thanks a lot.

ps. my all-time favorite. enjoy :)

Seeing Siwon

First of all, OMG I still can't believe that I just saw CHOI SIWON just RIGHT in front of my eyes, he wasn't even more than 100 metre from where I stood, and I could see him for FREE (well, except the RM 5 that I had to spent in total for the transportation fare, but it doesn't matter at all since it's for Choi Siwon okay, and...alright, I guess I start to get out of context so I better stop :D)

Well, I think it's better to know the full story from the very beginning, ne?

It all started from this tweet in his account @siwon407

And I was like

Because, come on, he's in Malaysia and I didn't even know a thing about that?? I didn't even know what event he's about to attend whatsoever!
So I decided to check on some SJ fanbases in Malaysia to get some info, but it seemed like they didn't know a thing about that either. I wasn't prepared about this at all. I was on my way to campus when I read his first tweet, and I had to settle some things in the morning, so when the second tweet came

I directly checked on one of Siwon's Malaysian fanbases, @mymrsiwon, and found out that he stayed (or is staying? Since rumour has it that he's going to be here until March 27th) at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which is located like only across of KL Sentral. I was like, oh maaaannn, if I didn't have to settle my things, I would directly go there and join all the ELFs to wait for him!!

During lunch, I told Zhafarina that Siwon came to Malaysia and at that time, the third tweet came

I asked Zhafarina whether she knows this place, and apparently she does! She said that the park is just minutes from her house, and she offered that we could go see him together! Of course I didn't waste her offer and agreed to it right away since I didn't have anything to do in the lab after lunch. She is a fan of Siwon too anyway, although she's not an ELF (don't get confused. It is definitely possible for her XD).
From @mymrsiwon, we also found out that Siwon was here for LINE CF shoot. Although Siwon stated that he would arrive around 5 pm, Zhaf said that the parking lot at the park is so small and she's afraid that we wouldn't get any parking spot if we arrived late. Besides, after 4pm, there would most definitely be traffic jam around KL because it's the time when people go back from office. Furthermore, KL is also pretty far from my campus since UPM is situated in Serdang. So, at the end, what time did we decide to leave UPM?

2.30 pm. Yes, you read it right, which is like 2 and a half hours away from the appointed time. Yes, we're just that enthusiastic (or being too cautious, I have no idea either XD).

We departed from UPM around 2.40 pm, and surprisingly our dearest supervisor (Dr. K) gave her full support to us (although we had to go through some teasings from her first :P). We arrived there around 3.00 pm (because Zhaf was too excited and she drove like a mad woman, I tell ya :P), and we were the first fans to arrive! Kekekeke~

So we entered the park and we were like thinking, "Oh man... Which part of this enormous park will he be?" because this park had three different entrances, and the entrances were like from one end to another. We were afraid that we wouldn't get even a glimpse of him if we were at the wrong entrance. And you know what we did? We decided to check all entrances and tried to figure out which entrance that would be the most possible one for him to get into the park ("I guess he would enter from the middle entrance. It's the main entrance after all, and the parking lot is bigger." "But if I had to be the one responsible to bring Siwon, I would be as undercover as possible, and I would choose this entrance since it's the most hidden and nobody would guess that he enters from here." "But the parking lot is too small. I'm pretty sure he'll come with his entourage and all the props, the parking lot here won't occupy them all." "Or is it possible that he will enter from the entrance where we park the car? It's pretty hidden, and the parking lot is quite spacious after all."). And while we were debating about all the possibilities.... We suddenly saw one white van with a motorcycled police accompanying it. Of course we were like... Omona, is that him?? But it's still around 4 pm, it can't be him!
We decided to get closer anyway, and so the rest of ELFs who were waiting at the park. Gosh, when I saw the rest of ELFs, I suddenly felt old since they all look like they're still teenagers, or the oldest they can be is around 21-22 years old. They brought their banners, mostly asking for SS5 to be held in Malaysia. They also brought their killer DSLR with their gigantuous lenses, while we only had our cellphones, with half-filled battery somemore, with us. They were definitely more prepared than us, clearly :P

this was just A QUARTER of the crowd. Impressive, right?

Then trucks bringing the props started coming, and I even saw this truck which was meant to be changing room+toilet. This was the first time for me to see such thing!

see the one with ladder? that's the toilet+changing room truck!

The staffs also started to set up the props.

We also got a few 'false alarms' since the crowd started cheering everytime there was any car coming and parked near those trucks. There was even one sport car parked around there and the crowd already went crazy because they all thought that it's Siwon, but it wasn't after all :P Zhafarina and I were not part of the crowd since we preferred to secure our spot near the shooting area. He's going to have his shoot there anyway, so it's better to see him up close during shooting rather than only having a glimpse of him when he gets out the car, right? :D

Around 5.10-5.15 pm (I didn't really remember the exact time), a van arrived together with two motorcycled police, and we're really sure that Siwon must be inside that van. Prince Manager came out first and checked the area, while Siwon stayed in the van for quite some time.

Prince Manager was the one in white. The lighting and my camera both sucked big time, please understand >,<

I guess Siwon did his makeup first in the van. You guys really have to know that Prince Manager is reaaaally handsome up close! He really deserves to be an idol himself, IMHO. Unfortunately he moved too fast and I couldn't catch even a clear pic of him with my stupid cellphone camera >.<

After failing to get a decent pic of Prince Manager, I really wanted to get at least a pic of Siwon so that at least I have a proof. So you know what I did? I asked Zhafarina if she wanted to join me to look at the van together with other ELFs, but she said she better stayed to secure our spot, so I left her for a while and to get better view I decided to...climb a slide.
Yes, a FRIGGIN SLIDE. See, the things that I did to get your pic, Siwon! Wkwkwk~

Aaaaaaand there he comes!

my handsome namja in blue! Gyaaaaa~

Sorry for the REALLY crappy quality of the pic. It was zoomed somemore :P

Yes, you can see that the security was tight.

You know what, I already warned Zhafarina at first if I suddenly cried or even fainted because omg this is my bias okay. However, when Siwon was walking through the crowd in front of my eyes, the only thing I could do was chanting "omigod omigod omigod omigod" over and over without even realizing it. I was like totally speechless. I couldn't even scream "Siwon oppa! Siwon-shii!" like what others did since I literally made an :O face. Trust me, Siwon in real life is much much much much MUCH more handsome than even the most handsome picture or ad of him you've ever seen, like seriously. His skin is soooo fairly white (if he's this white in real life, I can't imagine how pale Kyuhyun or Eunhyuk is in real life, to be honest. Or was it just the afternoon sun tricking me? I have no idea) and totally flawless! He's also really tall (well, he's 182-183 cm after all) and his body is soooo nicely built. The good thing about him is he kept on smiling and I didn't even see a single frown coming from him even until the shoot had ended.

touch up, touch up....
sorry oppa, Malaysia must be scorching hot for you....
stupid tree, you block uri oppa's face!

FINALLY  a (quite) decent picture of Siwon-oppa!

He's also very friendly and kept waving to us everytime he had a short break. Since it's Siwon, and it's not like every day we can see him, I guess it's very normal for any of us to shout his name at all times. The director (who was a girl) was a bit mad at first since we didn't want to shut up eventhough she already warned us. The funny thing was after Siwon borrowed the director's mic and said "no screaming please" while smiling, we couldn't help seeing his smile and screamed even louder XD.

The scenes itself were really short. He just had to walk several steps and acted like he had a small talk with the model in the first scene, but it needed to be repeated a lot of times. Some of the girls in the crowd said that the model was from Singapore, but I'm not sure either. The model is reaaaaally pretty, and the first thing that I noticed from her was that she got really nice hair, kekeke.

Siwon-oppa with the model
The next scene was a hug between Siwon and the model. Like what I expected, there were some 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' coming from the crowd when they hugged, but luckily the director didn't get mad at us this time :P seriously, even to get equal and balanced height for the two of them, the model had to wear really high heels, and it made me realize even more to the fact that Siwon is so tall :P

The second scene itself also had to be repeated a lot of times (and I kept on thinking oh guuuurl how lucky you are to be able to hug him like a zillion times!), and thunder already started to roar towards the end of the shoot. Siwon made this funny gesture without saying a word to ask us to pray so that it didn't rain, so cute! However, it was finally raining at the end, but thankfully the shoot was over already. After taking some pictures using his iPhone (including this and this pic that he uploaded in his twitter. Seriously, the crowd directly went wild when he gestured to us to take the pic together. Poor security guards XD), he ran back to his van through the crowd, all of sudden. When he was running, all of us spontaneously shouted "SS5! SS5! SS5!" altogether. It was daebak to be honest :D

.... And that was the end of our 'Seeing Siwon' adventure ^^

We went out from the park around 7.00 pm with smiles on our faces. Though he didn't get a chance to say anything to us ELFs, we are really satisfied. Until now, I still can't believe that I just met my bias in SJ and saw him live in front of my eyes. Seriously, I still feel like it was just a dream. This was a really nice experience, and definitely I'll sleep with smile on my face too tonight :)

Soooo that's all from me folks. So sorry for the very low quality of the pics and also if the way I tell the story is kinda boring ^^


ps: Stupid blogger doesn't let me rotate my pics! Grrrrr~ sorry for all the inconveniences! >.<
pss: We were featured in 8tv Nite Live's Facebook! Gyaaaa~ (although half of our faces were not pictured, kekeke. I was the one in SAPPHIRE BLUE tshirt, Zhaf was the one in plaid shirt)