bye 22, hye 23 :)

hello all.
yes, i know that this blog is all rusty and dusty and all possible vocabs related to 'abandoned' can describe. i was re-reading my old blog entries today (luckily!) and i just realized that i haven't made any re-cap post about being 22. yes, today is one week past my birthday and i am currently 23 years old. well, i have to say that a lot of important events happened during my second twin numbers. i hope i can remember all of them and write them in this re-cap post ^^
here we go.

the most important thing which happened when i was 22 was I AM FINALLY GRADUATED!!! yes, people, you didn't just misread it. i was finally successful to go through my last 4 years as a college student with a CGPA of 3.67. not bad, huh? i am already a cumlaude if i am in indonesia. unfortunately, there is no such things as cumlaude title here. unless you have a higher CGPA than 3.75, then you are able to be entitled as first-class student and able to continue STRAIGHT to PhD. isn't it just awezoooome? :P

anddddd i directly went to postgraduate path. so yes, i am now currently a postgraduate student, a master student to be exact. being a postgraduate student is completely different from being an undergraduate student, especially for those who undergo research like what i do right now. i only have a 3-hour class once a week (which is statistics and i am never able to completely stay awake during those 3 hours. i have to go to the toilet at least once to wash my sleepy face :P) and i spend the whole week for research, so i have to arrange my own schedule.  i am still with the same supervisor as the one who supervised my fyp and everything went smoothly so far. i am planning to take the fast-track, where i can spend three years in total for both master and PhD degree and, yeah, i am keeping my fingers crossed :)
i also had another internship when i was on my 4-month holiday because, well, just because :P i definitely gained more knowledge and experiences in working world. i learned how to deal with bosses, how to negotiate with them, how to 'read' what they actually want, and how to deal with backstabbers :P well, i cannot say that those 3 months went smoothly. i met those who stole my work and claimed it as theirs, but thank God i managed to claim back what's mine :) however, i enjoyed working there because i have such amazing, helpful, and fun workmates eventhough i was placed in a division where ALL of the staffs were men and i was like, of course, the only female there. i still keep in touch with those who were in the same department with me and it feels great to be able to make more friends during my holiday instead of just hanging out at home and gaining more fat to my already-bulky body :D
because of my 2 internship experiences, i finally decided that i am not going to work in industrial sector. i guess i am more suitable to work in research or academic field instead of industry. it's not because of the obstacles that i met during my internship period. who says that research is easy? it can be even much more frustrating than your bitchy bosses you meet everyday at work. however, i somehow feel that research keeps me 'alive'. during my internship period, i already felt sleepy when i reached home and i didn't even have enough energy to have more activities after that. however, when i was undergoing research for my FYP and now when i am in my postgraduate study, i didn't feel the same way. i still managed to browse for more informations or journal after i reached home from lab. another remarkable difference is when i am about to start my activities in the morning. i always woke up lazily when i was in my internship because i knew that i was going to do the same thing over and over again. however, when i woke up in the morning nowadays, i always feel excited because i am curious of how my experiment on that day is going to be. i am excited to know the results and i feel even more excited if i can troubleshoot the problems that i meet during that day. yes, now you can see what differs me in research field and me in industry. it's the CURIOSITY. working in research field will keep my curiosity growing and i am sure that my brain will always work that way. since i don't want to get alzheimer just because i don't work enough with my brain, i guess i have to stay in research or academic field, don't i? :P
and when i was 22, i was more AND MORE immersed into kpop to the limit where i do not keep on track with top 40 music anymore :P i am deeply in love with Choi Minho of SHINee eventhough he is like 2 years younger than me :P what i love from hallyu wave is actually their variety shows, especially those with the idols like SHINee, Super Junior, or MBLAQ. These variety shows are definitely good stress relief for me because they never fail to make me laugh until my stomach hurts. The one that i never get bored of is SHINee's Hello Baby because the baby they took care of (Yoogeun) was oh-so-friggin-adorable and they were all just being completely nuts for the whole 13 episodes :D i've been watching the show like a zillion times and i still want to watch it for more zillion times to come :D

i guess those 5 paragraphs were enough to recap on how my 22-year-old life was. overall, i was happy and grateful with what i had and experienced, and i hope i will be more blessed with this new age and everything will just go smoothly without any high bumps here and there :)
just like usual, see ya later alligator! :)