around 3 months ago, KL Central Food Court...
I was eating one plate of blackpepper chicken chop fried rice (for only RM5! and it's delicious too, hehehe) with Mba Winda. we could watch TV from our table and we watched the world news at that time. The news was about the VERY FIRST case of swine flu in singapore. everyone was wearing mask on TV and i felt a little bit scared while watching that. "Do you think this kinda flu will reach malaysia, mba?" i asked. "Hmmm. i dunno. we better just be careful. eat nutritious food, make sure that you have good immunity." that's all she answered. i continued eating my fried rice while still thinking about what i will do if that frikkin flu already reaches malaysia.
just now, faculty of food science, UPM....
we were about to check the colonies of microorganisms that we prepared in petri dishes 7 days ago. it was just 2 pm, while suddenly our lecturer, Dr. Karim said, "attention, please! academic section just asked me to clear our faculty right now, but you all can come back here again at 3 pm for further announcement. thank you!" of course all of us were wondering at that time. the academic section asked us to clear the faculty? this must be a serious problem. all of us then gathered around Dr. Karim to ask him what the problem was, and he said this was related to H1N1 thingy. my friends and i then moved to laman mahasiswa to talk about this while waiting for the announcement. sara, whose dad is working in bendahari upm, said that there were already 400 suspects of H1N1 in UPM. imagine, 400 suspects in ONE university! this is frikkin serious, man. we were 100% sure that UPM would be closed for quarantine. and that's what we got at 3 pm. an announcement on the notice board telling us that UPM will be closed for quarantine started from 28 july to 4 august.
the flu just needs less than three months to spread itself from one country to another. 3 months ago, i didnt think that i would be THIS CLOSE to H1N1. at all. and to tell you the truth, i was a bit panic when my friend told me that there were about 400 suspects of H1N1 in UPM. i mean, at that time, i just felt like i'm lost in a jungle full of lions and tigers, alone without my family by my side (you dont need to tell me. i ALREADY know that i can be super hyperbolic sometimes :D) then i told my cousin who lived here and she asked me to move to her house rightaway for this whole week. she also asked her husband to pick me up at my house because i'm too afraid to go to her house by commuter. it's just too dangerous, too much virus inside the commuters, and we'll never know what kind of virus that is. then when we passed the bus stops around UPM, i saw crowds of people with their luggages and masks on their faces. i just felt like, oh Gosh, what happened to UPM? what's wrong with all these?
hopefully when we all come back on 4th, everything will be okay and back to normal. although i will see people wearing mask around, at least i can feel safe and think that everything will be okay.
please pray for me folks, okay? love ya guys, gonna tell you all the updates soon! 

top 10 holiday eating out places in jogjakarta : you MUST try them when you come over!!

besides my family and friends, another thing i miss so much about jogjakarta is the food. well, the food there might be still uncomparable to bandung (bandung is food heaven, d'oh), but living there for my whole life before i came here is enough to make me fall in love, or even addicted to the foods. and jogjanese nowadays become more creative therefore there will always be new eating out places to try with my friends and fam.
and here are 10 eating out places that you should visit when you come over - excluding GUDEG, because i'm not a big fan of gudeg, hehehe. but you should try it when you come to jogjakarta, because not trying gudeg means you havent come to jogjakarta, hehehe.

10. Bebek Goreng Haji Slamet
i'm not a big fan of fried duck, but the first time i tried Haji Slamet's, i directly fell in love with it. the taste is not salty, but more to savoury and sweety. the price is also standard, just like the price of fried duck sold at other eating out places. it is opened at 12 pm and usually sold out in around 4-5 hours, especially on weekends, that's why you better come fast to its outlets in Jalan Gejayan or Jalan Mangkubumi if you want to have your lunch there.

9. Sakuniko
have you ever tried suppa delicious pasta, like lasagna, fettucinni with meatballs, or spaghetti, with original italian spices, sold at a very unique modified VW combi - yes, that old volkswagen car! - and, most importantly, cheap???
well, find SMA Kolese Debritto and drop by. u can find this VW combi there after maghrib. btw, i luv the meatballs fettucinni and lasagna. suppa yummieee!

the modified vw combi

8. Dapur Solo
well, i'm sure many of you guys love satay. i'm definitely one of many ppl who love this food. the best chicken satay i've ever tasted is the one sold in front of my house, yes thank God i dont have to go so far to get it. but nowadays, i'm in love with beef satay and i have tried many eating out places which sell beef satay. the best beef satay for me, so far, is located in Plaza Ambarrukmo at a restaurant named Dapur Solo.

served in a bowl made of clay. unique!

the beef satay there is cooked in javanese way, therefore the satay taste sweetish and salty at the same time. well, just have a try!

7. Mi Ceker Bandung
i found this place acidentally when i passed Jetis road and i directly felt curious about how it looks like, since i hadnt ever seen noodles cooked with chicken feet before. actually, mi ceker looks like chicken noodles or mi ayam, but chicken feet are added to it as extra toppings.

and thank God, my curiousity was paid well because the taste is magnificent. the chicken feet were cooked well till soft and u can even taste the seasonings to its bones. perfecto!

6. Martabak Ufo
i'm sure some of you have tasted sweet martabak before. but have you tasted the one in small size with loads of toppings plus ice cream on top of it?

Yummmmm.... and dont get fooled with its small size. once you finish it, you'll directly feel that your stomach is full enough, therefore you better dont eat anything before coming to its outlet located in Jalan Pandega Marta, or you'll finish only half of it.

5. Nikkou Ramen
this is located in Pogung, and it might be hard for you guys to park your car (i came there by motorcycle). the place is also so small that you have to queue in order to be seated. but once you see the portion of the ramen (look at the picture below. yes, the bowl is that BIG), pay the very cheap price, and get the delicious taste, i can guarantee that you want to come over again. at least that's what happened to me and my friends, hehehe. my suggestion : try the curry ramen and seafood ramen. suppa yum!

4. Bakso Bakar Arema
everytime i come back to Indonesia, i HAVE to come to Bakso Bakar Arema, which is located in Sagan. if you havent tried grilled meatballs, then Bakso Bakar Arema must be your first trial. if you have tried any, then you must try this and i'm sure Bakso Bakar Arema will be the best you've ever tasted.

if you dont like grilled food, you still can try the meatballs soup containing the non-grilled meatballs. trust me, the soup also tastes superb!

3. Djejamuran
have you ever tried crispy-fried mushrooms with sweet and sour sauce, mushroom satay, mushroom meatballs soup, or even MUSHROOM RENDANG? well, then you should try all of them at Djejamuran, located in Jalan Magelang. the main ingredients of all the foods there are mushrooms, and i dont think that you will even recognize that it's mushroom if the name of the food is not mentioned in the menu, because for me, the taste and even the texture is like chicken. yum yum.

2. Kedai Sapi
some people love beef, while some love chicken. i love both of them, therefore i said OK when my mom asked me to go to Kedai Sapi to have our lunch there. when i arrived there, i felt like i wanted to order the whole menu. well, they sell beefsteak, lasagna, beef satay, oxtail soup... i cant resist all of them! thank God i came there several times therefore i could try all the foods listed in the menu, and all of them are delicious! if you are a beef lover too, just come to their outlet in Plaza Ambarrukmo.

and here is the top of the list...


1. Martabak Gereja Kotabaru
this is the BEST martabak manis i've ever tasted. why? well, because the topping is overloaded and eventhough my dad bought me this martabak over and over during my holiday, i never get bored of it. i even miss it now! you dont believe me? well, you better try it then, or at least look at the picture below. yes, the thick layer in the middle is the chocolate and cheese topping. it is THAT thick :P

if you wanna ask me about the exact location of these eating out places, or anything about these places, just contact me through comment :)