fun fun FUUN! :D

hey and ho for everyone,
puuufffhhh, it's been a very berry long time that i haven't touched this blog, even looked at its contents. ok pals, no worries, i think i enjoy my holiday so much that i forgot about the existency of this blog, hahaha. but dont expect too much, altho the holiday has been going for almost one month, i dont have any magnificent holiday stories to tell except the fact that i TOTALLY ENJOY being surrounded by my bestpals n fammie ^^
like just what i had yesterday, i had A LOT OF FUN doing two hours of karaoke with my besties of all time : tyaz, rija, and alpi. unfortunately, damara cudnt join us because she suddenly had some interviews to do for her assignments (this is one reason why i always hate assignment, eventhough it's not mine :D ), altho we felt like something missing during our karaoke session, we still feel everything's fine because we know that we still have A LOT of time together, five of us, later :)
i forgot the playlist of our karaoke, but i remembered that we sang rihanna - umbrella (altho we found that it was a bit hard to sing the jay-z part :D), jason mraz - i'm yours, andra and the backbone - hitamku, sind3ntosca - kepompong, lily allen - smile, the corrs - breathless, ST12 - puspa, glenn fredly feat audy - terpesona, maroon 5 - this love, maroon 5 - sunday morning, project pop - bukan superstar, di3va - a lotta love, and others. so sad we didnt find hikayat cinta at that time *LOL*
hmm, enough with those talking, just look at the pics and feel the enjoyment :) ooohh one sec, dont blame on me because of giving you all those dark pics, i have used flash on it but it still didnt work, so lame that the room is too dark! hahaha, still, enjoy :) thanks anyway to rija for allowing me to use the camera on her phone, lafyaaaa hunnn :D

last but not least for damara, alpi, tyaz, n rija :
c'mon guys, i still have that one-hour-free-of-karaoke-voucher, i'm waiting for your calls! gyahahaha