pon and zi! love love love

have you ever heard of them? ok then, let me introduce you to these two simple but unique creatures which are creepy but cute at the same time :D. well, i dont know which one pon and which one zi is, but what i got so far is the yellow one is a guy :P after you look at the pictures below, am sure you're gonna love them :D

oh and i love the pictures below the most :)

find more of them here
oh and if you have done enough 'research' on them, please let know which one pon and which one zi is. thank you :)

one night in KLIA :D

hahaha, yea i know maybe you have a thought of "was she too excited to go home or what?" well, yes i was really excited to go home, but i wasnt that excited until i decided to stay up in the airport alone, all by myself. my cousin usually takes me to the airport everytime am going home, but unfortunately she was going back to jakarta at that time, while her husband was going back to johor, his hometown, therefore i had to go to the airport alone. actually i could go there by cab, but my flight was in the morning (at 9.00 am, 17th november 2009) and i had to be in the airport at 7.00 am, which means i had to be ready at 6.00 am since it takes around 1 hour to go to the airport from my house. to be honest, since am not really used to going anywhere by cab, i was quite afraid to go to the airport by cab early in the morning, and most of my friends didnt suggest me to do so. yes, that's the story why i ended up staying up in the airport for the whole night, hehehe.
i arrived in the airport at around 9.00pm and i directly went to KFC for dinner. unfortunately am a kinda person who's fast in eating, so i didnt spend too much time at KFC. then i sat on one seat available near viewing area and turned on my laptop to get online. so sorry to say, the internet in KLIA is veeeerrrryyyyy slow and i was quite pissed since i couldnt access facebook properly, so i just relied on my twitter (spamming my followers' timeline, hehehe, sorry guys) to keep myself awake. it was quite disappointing because some of my friends wanted to accompany me and make sure am awake by chatting in facebook chatroom. another problem came when i realized that i almost ran out of battery and i didnt find any plug there, so i decided to turn off my laptop and sit there for a while. i listened to mp3 and drank this coffee

actually i prepared two cans of coffee from two different brands, but i drank this one first because i thought this one was milder than the other one and it was around 11 pm so i wasnt that sleepy at that time. after i finished the coffee, i went around KLIA to find plug in cafes and restaurants around there, especially the ones which open for 24 hours. luckily, i found two hidden plugs at McD behind their ice cream booth that i could use for charging my laptop and my cellphone after asking one of the cashiers there. these plugs definitely saved me from my boredom, hahaha. i also bought one glass of hot milo and one piece of hot apple pie, since it was qute freezing there and i needed something to keep myself warm.
soo i continued browsing and spamming my followers' timeline in twitter. i also accessed facebook but i had to refresh the page many times in order to make it work properly.
theeen suddenly i couldnt connect to the internet again. i asked one of McD workers in the ice cream booth and she said everyone only has two-hour quota for connecting to the internet in one day and it will only be renewed on the next day. dammit. and it was still 1 am. i still have 4 hours before check-in time. thank God i still have some movies in my harddisk and i had my headphone with me so i decided to watch 17 Again, listen to some musics, and watch some music videos until around 4 am and i had to turn off my laptop because i wanted to pee, hahaha. after going back from the toilet, i sat on the seat near viewing area again because i didnt want to buy anything more from McD (since i already went out from McD, of course i have to buy something if i want to sit there, rite?) and it was already around 4 am which means i can check in in around 1 hour. i felt a bit sleepy, maybe because of the hot milo i drank before, then i opened the other can of coffee

i looked around and saw some people sleeping on the seats around me. some of these people, i think, were backpackers, while the others were, i think again, non-backpackers like me. it could be seen from their luggage, hehehe.

it was only me awake around there while some security guards were going around. it was quite weird being in the airport without a lot of people rushing and hurrying or families sending their relatives. i usually hear tears and laughters from every corner, and at that time i just felt.... silence everywhere. i guess am still not used to seeing KLIA this empty, teehee~

i also took a picture of me at around 4.30am, and i hadnt slept at all at that time. i didnt sleep at all for the whole night until before my flight, hehehe. do i look sleepy to you, blogwalkers? teehee~

and you know what, i found one coin-activated computer near the toilet, so i used it to update my status in twitter and facebook, hehehe. you may roll your eyes, but this is the first time for me using this kinda computer eventhough i had been in KLIA for several times. i used it for around several minutes, and i spent around 50cents, hahaha. sorry i forgot to take the pic, hehew.
around 5am, i checked in the counter and continued to the immigration section before waiting for my flight. stupidly, after i passed the immigration section, i felt my tummy rumbling and i realized that i hadnt had my breakfast yet. unfortunately, food sold after immigration section are expensive chocolates and of course i couldnt spend like RM 100 just for my breakfast rite, hahaha. thank God, eventhough my tummy was rumbling like crazy, my brain still worked properly and i remembered that i still had four packs of these crunchy biscuits in my backpack. yeay!

of course these biscuits were enough to save me from my hunger attack, hahaha. and luckily, i also found a lot of plugs in the waiting room so i could connect to the internet again (since its already the next day, it was around 7 am) and charged my cellphone again since i used it for listening to the music and it kinda ran out of battery. so i browsed the internet until around 8.30 am, just right before my flight.
yes, that's my story of spending one sleepless night in the airport. it was quite boring and i dont know what i will do if i dont have my laptop with me, but it was a good experience tho. :)


firstly i wanna thank sri for planning such a great great GREAT vacation for all of us! hehehe~
well, last tuesday or 10th november 2009, the owner of this blog and her other 13 friends were having a whole day vacation. since am too lazy to write anything but too excited to tell you all about this vacation, i think putting these pictures and adding some explanations below each pic will be a great solution, teehee~

okaaayy soo we started the day by going to wetland putrajaya... and of course we did some water activities there *d'oh!*
afrah and i chose kayaking while the others picked boat rowing. yess, i knew that doing kayaking means that we have greater chance to get wet and also greater chance for the kayak to be upside-down, but i still wanted to do it because i found it more challenging, hehee~
i screamed many times while kayaking because we ALMOST got upside-down, and we were frustrated because the kayak kept turning around and around and it was hard to make it go straight, hahaha.

here come the water warriors! teehee~

this is the view of wetland, putrajaya... and some of my friends who were rowing ^^

kayaking with afrah ^^ for those who havent tried this one, YOU SHOULD TRY! this is challenging and fun at the same time, perfect for your adrenaline rush! :D

sooo after we finished one hour of our water activities, we went to alamanda putrajaya for lunch before going to.... bagan lalang beach! yesss ppl, we were going to the beach! hahaha, so excited. and it was like a dream comes true because actually i wanted to have a vacation to the beach with these guys, but i just didnt say it to them, teehee~
we reached the beach before sunset and the view of the sunset was just breathtaking! well, i'll just put the pics here, hehehe~

the view at around 5-6 pm after raining ^^

yess, we are the beach explorers, hahaha

i DO love this picture! heart you all, girls! <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="span">

owyea, we had this high-school-musical-signature jump, hahaha~

gosh, how i love this scenery so damn much

me and my name on the sand :)

see the breathtaking sunset behind me?? isnt it just beautiful???

and we ended the day by having suppa-delicious seafood for dinner. we had grilled rayfish, calamari, 'pepahat', clams, crab, and many other kinds of seafood... and how much did we spend? only RM196 for 14 hungry people who were full after finishing all of these seafood. isnt it cheap??? i definitely love that place, hahaha.

goshh, the trip was just amazing! and i was quite sad because am not gonna meet these guys for around 8 months due to my industrial training at F&N Dairies during next semester... i will miss them all for sure, hehehe~

ps : i already finished all my final exams! jump for joy! hehehe~ and am gonna go back home on 17th of november until 27th of december. my current mood is happy, for sure, hehehe~