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hellow yellow.

is this the first post of the year? and i'm doing it at the end of february? i'm so lucky to have some readers to keep this blog alive then, seeing how lazy i am to make blog posts :P

well, just like what the title said, i'm now going to tell you all about my family, since i have been blogging for years (i guess almost five years) but i haven't even introduce my family to you all the readers who might be curious in which kind of family i'm raised and grow up :)

this was when i was having my sixth or seventh birthday, i guess :P

here we go.

my family is truly the main support for me. i don't know what i would do and how i would be if i have to live without all of them (ok, now i start to sound like LeAnn Rimes. no idea? "how do i live"? okay, nevermind). it all started from my small family, which consists of my dad, my mom, and my little sister.

my dad and my mom are two completely different people. my mom is the one who always taught me to enjoy my life in a responsible way. she's like my bestest best friend who understands every single piece of me and she's more open minded than my dad who is more conservative in his way of thinking. she was the one who accompanied me to go to theatres when i was grounded 8 years ago, when i was in 8th grade and i was kicked out of the top 10 in my class and my dad told me not to have fun with my friends until the semester was finished and i got better grades (luckily i managed to be the first rank after that :P). my mom, with her clever ideas, asked my dad if it is okay to go to theatres with her instead of my friends. my dad, surprisingly, allowed us to do so. eventhough my mom ended up sleeping during the movie since she is not a person who likes watching movie (but i wonder why she can stand watching dramas for 3 hours, non stop, without moving herself from the coach :P), she said to me that she was happy seeing that i didn't feel miserable because finally i could watch the movie that i had been looking forward since forever (i think the movie was Rumah Ketujuh. yes, i know it was such a lame movie but Indra Lesmana managed to make me feel curious how interesting the movie would be since i fell in love with the soundtracks that he made). she is also the person who calls me at least twice in a week just to listen to my voice because she misses me, and we end up talking for at least half an hour about everything :).

my dad himself is a veeery overprotective person. you know why i haven't been able to ride on motorbike or drive a car until now? it's because of him. he doesn't trust me enough since he still thinks that i'm forever his little girl who likes to have his presence next to me before i went to sleep when i was five. he even doesn't (i say doesn't here, not didn't) allow me to be on the back of the motorbike with my friends, which made me him drive me to places where i HANG OUT with my friends when i was in high school. yes, it's true. even when i was in school camp with my junior high school friends, where is located around a forest area, i found his car with him sleeping inside of it near to forest area in the morning when we all had our morning run. and i found out that he had a so-called sleepover there because he wanted to make sure that i was okay. yes, until that extent. that is why i was pretty surprised when he said it was okay for me if i wanted to continue my study abroad because he is sure that it is the best for me. and when he sent me to the airport, that was the first time i saw him crying. at that time, i finally realized that his overprotectiveness is actually the way he shows how much he loves me. he loves me and my sister more than anything in this world, that's what my mom always says :) due to his overprotectiveness and conservative way of thinking, i am not that close to him, but somehow, he understands me and my sister even better than my mom. my mom always asks him for guidance everytime she feels like i'm too stubborn to be given any advice or my sister is too persistent with her afraidness. this might show that i'm so desperate, but he's my current boyfriend since i always report to him everytime i already reach home and where i am via bbm :P

my little sister is another story. she is a completely different person from me. the only thing which is similar between us both is maybe our stubbornness :D. she is a kind of artsy person who likes dealing with photography and web designing. she likes photo editing and she was even selected to join her school art camp (luckily my dad allowed her to join. remember his overprotectiveness? :D). her laziness might defeat a hibernating polar bear and she only started to study seriously for her national final exams only ONE MONTH before it was started. can you imagine how panic my dad was seeing that her little daughter only managed to have a little preparation before her national final exams? luckily, she is so smart and she managed to enter one of top high schools in jogja :D. don't compare her with me about this, i surely won't be able to do that with only one month of preparation :D. another thing about her which is different from me is her friendly face. everyone says that our faces are look alike, however most of them say that her face is more friendly than mine and yes, i admit that i have this annoying look that might give people first thought of "oh no, this girl is such a freakingly serious person". well, get to know me and you will change your first impression, hahaha. ok, back to my sister, she is the only person i run to when i feel like telling stories that i am not able to tell to my dad or my mom, like she's my second BFF after my mom :D. we talk almost like everyday, thanks to technology, and i think we're so close as sisters :).

well, i already give you enough stories about my family. with various characters in our little family, luckily we are able to be united and stay close-knitted as ever in both happy and tough times, which is actually the most important thing :)

ciao. see ya when i see ya :P