being 21 :)

hey all,
i made this blog post exactly one day before i give up my 21 and say hello to my second twin numbers after 11. yes, it's 22. as usual, i feel like doing re-capping of my 21 in this blog and... ok, here we go.
my 21 is completely different from my 20. when i was 20, i started to learn new things and experienced things that i hadn't experienced before. i changed little by little and i started to find my own personality, eventhough i still cannot say that my personality now is completely developed. during my 21, i started to live my life with my so-called new personality. i have to say that everything didn't go smoothly with this new personality. sometimes i have to look back and think, is this a person who i wanted to be? if this is, shouldn't i be happy about it? or is this just another fake personality of me? however, after asking all of these questions to myself which was fulfilled by doubt, i always found the answer of 'yes, this is the new me, and this is how i want it to be', finally. i have to admit that sometimes i miss the old, introvert me who was the lone ranger undergoing a black and white life, but now i know that adding a little spark of colour will not be harmful :)
during my 21, i lost some acquitances, but i gained more friends, good friends who sprinkled more colour to my life, and i am really grateful for that. these new friends also played important role in developing a new me. i have to admit that i felt confused sometimes. everyone has their own principles and values of life, which might be different from mine. this leads me to confusion when their own principles clashed with mine, and makes me think that "are the principles that i've been holding on all this time alright?", which is good because it actually helped me in finding who i am and who i want to be.
i also got A LOT of surprises, either bitter or sweet ones. too much surprises until now i'm reaching the level of i will not be surprised if i'm getting any more surprises, either academically or in other aspects of life. however, i think those surprises taught me how not to be a too-panicky person. those who know me are already used to my panicky behaviour, and somehow those surprises changed me bit by bit to be calmer in receiving all news whether they are good or bad. i know i am still a panicky person deep inside here, but i have to say that i'm no longer that super-panicky person that you want to slap and you know who i used to be :P
FYI, my fyp is already finished and i have submitted my thesis. i also have undergone my seminar and now i am waiting for my viva. three important things were happening during my 21 and i am happy that i got through them well. i miss my labwork though :P
i guess these words already did their job well in recapping my past one year being 21. i don't know how my 22 will be, but hopefully it will give me sweeter memories than my past years and i'm hoping that i will get greater achievements ahead with health and family still being my top priority.

see ya later alligator! :p