top 10 remedies in 2010 :))

hella fellas.

wow wow, here we are, reaching the end of 2010. after looking back, i realized that i only made 4 blog posts this year. four, yes FOUR. instead of fourteen or forty. i'm such a good writer, aren't i? *sigh*

and in this post, i'm about to disappoint you all because i'm not gonna write my 'best of the best in 2010' this year. why? well... because my life has gone pretty boring this year. i didn't read any books besides anything related to my FYP or school stuff, i still go to the same restaurants where i went to last year, i haven't found new favorite foods, and i didn't watch any tv series regularly (i haven't even finished the first season of glee, second season of gossip girl, and third season of big bang theory!). yes, to be specific, school stuff has made my life gone pretty pathetic. *another deep sigh*
however, i'm still living my pathetic life happily because i have one great remedy which is always ready everytime i need it. and i always bring it everywhere i go because this is one of a few things which is able to boost my mood instantly (besides good food, of course).

yes, it's music.

i might have told you all a zillion times that i cannot live without music and i change my playlist regularly. i'm a type of person who will listen a newly downloaded song in repeat until i get bored and delete it from my playlist. however, thanks to my itunes, i can know the top 25 most played songs in my computer. i downloaded this itunes during february or march, if i'm not mistaken, so i still can consider the top 25 most played songs in my itunes is my top 25 most played songs this year, can't i? :D don't worry, i know that 25 song titles + its explanations will take a lot of space in this little tiny blog, so i'm going to take only 10 of them :)

here we go.

10. Paramore - Turn it Off

i started listening to this song after i bought my ticket to Paramore's concert and downloaded the whole album of Brand New Eyes. to be honest, i couldn't fall in love instantly to paramore's songs besides the ones which are selected to be their singles. i had to listen to the songs a few times before i decided to 'like' the song. surprisingly, it didn't happen to this song. i fell in love directly even when i first listened to its intro. i couldn't delete this song from my playlist since :D.

9. Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull - I Like It

this song is veeeery catchy and i can't help myself not to move my bod everytime this song is played. at first i didn't like this song that much, but since all radio stations play it like all the time, i got used to it until the limit that i always move my bod everytime this song is played, hahaha.

8. Timmy Thomas - Dying Inside to Hold You

watch the video above and you will realize how OLD this song is. if you're wondering why this song is on repeat in my playlist, the story is simple. i was pressing the button from one radio station to another one night, and i reached one radio station that was playing those old-times-songs or something like that. i was about to change the station, but directly cancelled it when i heard this song for the first time. yes, i fell in love at the first hearing, and the song is still playing now in my playlist. the story inside this song is more or less like mine, about when you fall in love with someone but you cannot tell it to that person about how they make you feel :)

7. Taylor Swift feat Colbie Caillat - Breathe

this song was my soundtrack when i had my breakup, to be honest. the lyrics might sound cheesy, but this is actually one song that makes me strong and leads me to think that God has an awesome plan for me ahead and now i realize that yes, breaking up with him was one of the best decisions that i have made this year :)

6. Katy Perry - Self Inflicted

i'm not a big fan of katy perry, this song is not released as one of her singles, and radio stations never play this song even once. i knew this song from my sister when i asked her for suggestions for new songs to be played in my playlist. yes, everytime i feel bored with the songs in my playlist, she is the first person that i ask for suggestions since she's more updated than me when it goes to new musics and luckily we have the same taste in music. at first i was thinking like 'what the heck is this song about?', but after i listened to it and read its lyrics many times, i started to think that this is such a great song because it came up with an idea about one psychotic relationship instead of lovey-dovey sh*t like some other love songs. self-inflicted violence may happen to anyone and unfortunately, i rarely heard of anyone talking about this issue while actually this is very important for people to know because it might danger someone's life. katy perry should open everyone's eyes by making this her single, don't you think so? :/

5. Katharine McPhee feat Zachary Levy - Terrified

i fall in love with this song mostly because of its lyrics. the situation that happens to me everytime i fall in love is well-described in this song. i feel happy, but terrified at the same time. i'm afraid that the person i fall in love with won't reciprocate my feelings. i'm afraid that i cannot be a good girlfriend once i'm involved in a relationship. i'm afraid of breakups. however, i still put my hopes everytime i fall in love, and listening to this song makes me feel a little better knowing that i'm not the only one feeling terrified in this world :)

4. Nelly - Just A Dream

i love this song, but i cannot understand the video, at all. for me, it totally ruins the idea of this song. his dream is actually simple, about his life with girl of his dream. however, when he wakes up, everything is totally different and he realizes that it is just a dream. the video makes this idea looks... complicated. WAY more complicated. and why the heck am i talking about the video? well, overall, i love this song and until now i still play it on repeat :D

3. Three 6 Mafia feat Tiesto and Sean Kingston - Feel It

way before Far East Movement gets famous with their G6, i already listened to techno-combined-with-rap song and this is one of my favorites. what i like from this song is that all you need is get hyped while enjoying the rhyme :)

2. Cheryl Cole - Parachute

i first listened to the song on the radio and i was interested with its beat. i don't understand music that much, but it seems like a lot of types of drums were played during the recording and it turns on the 'wowness' factor of this song for me. the video is also unique with the dance and all, simple but amazing :)

and the most played song in 2010 goes to...


1. Miranda Cosgrove - Kissing You

please guys, don't be surprised. i hate it when itunes tells me the truth that the most played song this year is one cheesy lovey-dovey song which tells you that kissing a person will make you feel alive and let you find all the answers and solutions to your problems. however, i have to admit that this song is cheery, quite catchy, and i love having this song in my playlist, seriously. to be honest, for some days, this song was the one that boosted my mood and made my day. yes, it's the truth, i'm telling you :D

sooo... it's 4 days before 2010 ends. in conclusion, i am happy with my life in 2010 with every experience of life that i have gone through, i appreciate them a lot, i feel blessed, and i'm hoping that my family's life and mine will be much much MUCH better in 2011. amien :)

though it might be too early, please let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

cheerio :)

siklusnya selalu sama

kalo pas gw jatuh cinta, siklus perasaan gw selalu aneh dan selalu sama. gw mulai ngebandingin diri gw dengan cewek2 lain dan mulai ngerasa minder dengan segala kekurangan yg ada dalam diri gw. karena minder itu, gw akhirnya malah makin menjauh dari cowok yg gw suka itu, yang akhirnya berujung itu cowok engga tau apa yg gw rasain. abis itu, cowok itu pasti jadian sama orang lain, gantian gw yang jadi patah hati dan makin ngerasa minder dengan diri sendiri.

untungnya, meskipun siklusnya masih sama, sekarang gw udah mulai lebih nyantai ngadepinnya. thanks to my last relationship, sekarang gw ngerasa kalo jatuh cinta itu bukan segalanya. gw ga seserius dan se-excited dulu pas gw ngerasain jatuh cinta, dan entah ini sebuah kemajuan atau kemunduran. sekarang gw lebih mikir pakai logika dan tingkat prioritas gw udah berubah. gw lebih mikirin urusan sekolah, friendship, dan seneng-seneng. memang, gw pasti masih mikirin cowok yg gw suka, no doubt about it. tapi skrg gw lebih pengen ngerasa enjoy aja dalam ngejalaninnya. gw ga ngotot untuk ngejadiin itu cowok jd pacar gw atau gimana. dan itu ternyata JAUH lebih menyenangkan, walau kadang kerasa perih jg knowing that the person you love doesn't feel the same way.

selain itu, yg beda dr perasaan gw sekarang sama perasaan gw dulu adalah kalo dulu gw jatuh cinta, gw selalu pengen ketemu sama cowok yg gw suka itu. sekarang, gw malah ga mau ketemu, karena takut perasaan itu makin gede dan gw makin susah ngelupainnya entar. kalo dipikir2, apaan seh ya gw bikin post kayak gini. ah, blog jg blog gw ini. emang enaknya pas lg ga jelas gini tuh malah nulis curhatan ga jelas juga, hahaha *apaseh* ciao! ^^

so this is how it feels to be final year student *faints*

hello peeeeps, long time no see... oh well, i know that i rarely updated my blog because i'm busy (and i don't have anything special to tell :P).. but now i think i would update this blog more rarely because i become much much BUSIER T__T
because that's what final year is all about :D
seriously, i'm not being hyperbolic or such thing like that... ask any student you know from final year batch in faculty of food science an technology, universiti putra malaysia, they will say the same thing like i did. this is because we have two big projects at the same time in one semester: final year project (FYP) and new food product development (PD).
FYP is, of course, a project that needs to be finished by university students in order to be graduated, which is usually done at their final year. my FYP itself is about white dragon fruit powder and bread. yes, i'm going to make bread with white dragon fruit powder mixed in it and investigate the quality of dough and the bread itself. why dragon fruit powder? well, it's because white dragon fruit is rich in soluble fibres and antioxidant, however, to preserve it, to make it more practical,  and to make it able to be mixed with any types of food easily, it needs to be turned into powder first. bread is my food of choice because of its status as staple food and so far, in the markets, i only see one way to obtain fibres in your bread: adding whole grain, which mostly consists of insoluble fibres. do you know that soluble fibre can prevent high blood glucose level, while insoluble fibre can't? it's because soluble fibre can be dissolved in water inside your tummy and form gel that slows down the absorption of nutrient. it also lowers your cholesterol level by trapping the bile acids using that gel and removing them from your body. from the journals i have read, addition of soluble fibres, unlike insoluble fibres, does not change the appearance and texture of bread significantly, therefore it is suitable for those who don't like the coarse texture of fibre-enriched bread. sounds interesting, doesn't it? i have submitted my proposal, and now i'm still in the progress of making a good bread because, seriously, bread making is not as simple as you think. it is easy at the mixing stage, but when you reach the kneading stage, this is the time when your bread making skill is tested. i still fail at this stage because kneading bread dough is definitely not as easy as forming your play-doh eventhough the texture is almost the same. however, i found this challenging and i am thinking of taking one-day-course for breadmaking with one staff in my faculty whom i heard is very experienced in breadmaking stuff. hail to the breadmakers! :D

my latest trial. looks pretty good, isn't it?? hehehe *but ignore the crust please. it's as hard as a stone :D*

the other project, PD, is a project of inventing a new food product which has never been invented before in the world, and at the end of semester, our product is going to be competed with other products on launching day attended by judges from top food companies in malaysia. for new food product development, this is actually a group project that consists of 12 heads which can be used for the sake of creativity. however, we still can't say that this is an easy job because there are a lot of things that we need to think about when we're going to invent new food product. we have to think about the perfect formulation (which is the hardest part among all >,<), production thingy, packaging, marketing stuff, and now we know why a food company needs a big team when they're going to improve or make new product :D. unluckily, my groupmates picked me as their group leader, and i was very afraid at first because i had never been a group leader for such big project like this, and i think there are persons in my group who can do better than me in this leadership thingy. but, at the end, i think this is my chance to improve my leadership skill and to try my best, rite? so, doing all my best is the best that i can do :) and oh, our group is going to do cassava chips. no, this is not like cassava chips you see in the markets, of course. and what is the difference from the ones sold in the markets? i'm gonna let you know once we succeed :)

our latest cassava chips trial. ha, can you see the difference already? :D

besides having these two big projects, we still have to attend classes, have quizzes, and exams like previous semesters, so you can imagine how hectic this semester is for us :D. started from this year, final year batch is divided into minors which we can choose by ourselves. i chose functional food as my minor because i'm more into food chemistry thingy instead of food safety stuff (because i'm not a microbiology person. i can't do the same thing everyday like counting bacteria growth) or food engineering thingy (i HATE physics so much, remember?). besides, since i'm thinking of working in R&D division later, this minor is the most related to R&D stuff. hopefully i'm taking the right minor :)
soooo, last but not least, i hope you guys could wish me a BIG, HUGE, good luck :) thanks before peeps :)
see you when i see you later :)

cin(T)a, when love is not that simple

"Atau kau pindah Kristen aja, Nis?"

"Yakin lo masih mau sama gue? Tuhan gue aja berani gue khianatin, apalagi lo ntar"

i like movies. so much. i watch western movies mostly, and it's understandable since i'm now living in another country. however, thanks to youtube, now i can watch indonesian movies, especially the ones which are already released on VCDs or DVDs :D and this afternoon, i decided to watch a movie called cin(T)a. this movie was not played in commercial theatres due to the controversial issue it brings. when i knew about the movie quite long time ago, i was curious. how controversial is it until this movie becomes an indie movie which is screened only in movie festivals and campuses? first of all, you have to take a look at the title. deep, closer look. don't you guys feel curious about the brackets surrounding the letter T on the title? well, the title here doesn't simply means as cinta, or love. cin(T)a here means Cina-Tuhan-Annisa. Cina and Anissa are two people who have different religions and tribes who love each other. Cina, as can be seen from his name, is a Christian Chinese, while Annisa is a Moslem Javanese. that's why the title got a T letter in brackets, which means Tuhan is actually in the middle of their relationship and plays a very important role in it. and that is the idea of this movie. yes, it's as simple as that. however, after seeing its synopsis, one thing that still made me very curious was how would the ending be like? would they be together, or separated? a simple question but surely quite successful to make me want to watch this movie. after watching this movie, it turned out that i like it so much. this movie is actually very simple since there are only both of them talking during the whole movie. however, it didnt make me feel bored at all because i'm really interested in the stuff they're talking about. it gives me different perception about love and inter-religion tolerance. this movie also has a lot of inspiring quotes and its own philosophy about God, religion, and love itself. overall, i love this movie and it is highly recommended to watch :) you can watch it in youtube anyway, just type the title and you'll find around 8 parts of the movie. enjoy :)

just drop by to say hello :)

wow. i just realized that i haven't written any post for quite a long time, hehehe.
errrm, and i dont know how to start :P

well, life has been going so interesting lately... i am now having my industrial training at F&N Dairies, i met new people, new friends, new environment, and oh! i've turned 21. once again, 21. gosh, i'm in the beginning of my twenties and it makes me feel... old :(

however, i feel like the most interesting things happened when i was 20... yes, during that year...

20 is my year of transformation... when i changed myself little by little.. resulting in who i am today.

and yes, i can see that i've changed.

one example, maybe you guys know me as that studyholic girl. a nerd. a bookworm.
but will a studyholic go to have fun with her friends to putrajaya wetland and be there for the whole day when she knows that she's going to have an exam on the next morning?
yes, i did that.
well, that's just an open-book exam, but usually i NEVER went anywhere on the day before my exam. i would stick to my book and be in my room for the whole day, and yes that also happened everytime im going to have my open book exam. i dont know, but there was something encouraging me to go at that time.. and until now i didnt regret that. i had fun and thank God i managed to answer all the questions in my exam very well on the next morning. started from that day, i decided that i have to listen to what my heart and my head say AFTER THEY'RE SYNCHRONIZED. what i mean by synchronized here is, when both my head and my heart say 'yes', then i just go for it, but once either one of them says no, i'll just forget about it.

second example, i became more open to my surroundings. i wasn't close with my classmates for the first three semesters. i decided to concentrate more to my studies and i didnt give a damn to friendship thingy. i only got close to my indonesian friends because i DIDNT WANT TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. yes, i was soo shallow-minded at that time.
but then, during my fourth semester, i tried to open myself more to my coursemates. and you know what, the things that i was afraid of didnt happen. i was afraid that we couldnt get along, i was afraid that they wouldnt accept me for whoever i am, et cetera, but the reality showed me the opposite of all my negative thoughts. they were so friendly to me, i could get along with them very well, they accepted me for whoever i am, and the most important things is they are just as crazy as i am :)) that also happened to my industrial training friends. my friends from UPM who are accepted to work at F&N Dairies were not the ones who were close to me, and i was worried whether i could get along with them. now, see, i got along with them really well. they're friendly and i had sooo much fun with them. i know im gonna miss the moments that we had together when im finished later.
this thing taught me that i have to ignore all of my negative thoughts and feelings before i start to do anything. well, i am still not able to do it perfectly until now. sometimes i still listen to my negative feelings, and that affects, of course. however, im trying my best so far and i think im getting better in doing it :)

third example, i started my first relationship and ended it when i was 20. i didnt regret it to happen, and i didnt regret it to end. i learned a lot from my last relationship. i learned that falling in love is completely different from having a relationship. when you listen to some songs and they said that love is enough, trust me, dont believe that, because it's not enough. relationship requires more than just love, and it changed my perspective on relationship - and love, of course. my closest dearies said that they could see it from the way i told them about my opinion on love and relationship when they asked me. and one thing that made me surprised is i found out that 'me in a relationship' is different from 'me when im not in a relationship'. i changed when i started my relationship, and i changed back to the old me when i broke up. i was also quite surprised knowing that i could be that kind of person. however, i still couldnt decide whether it was me in a relationship, or it was me ONLY in my past relationship, which means that there's always a possibility for me to change on my next relationship, and i still dont know how i will change into :) i thought being in a relationship is easy and i was all ready for it, but what happened was i wasnt ready for it at that time, and i still dont know when im gonna be ready for it :) and now i decide to go with the flow and see how it goes. well, we never know, rite? :)

hmmm, i guess this is enough. hopefully you can get something from my post, eventhough i did it only to shoo my boredom in doing my practical report :) have a good day, fellas! ciao!