here it comes : AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8

owyea baby, the competition has begun and the heat seems much hotter than before, hahaha. last season, i didnt really follow this show since i dont have my own TV and the show was aired live via satellite on starworld every wednesday and thursday for result show. this year, i can watch the show since i dont have any class on friday and i usually go to my cousin's house every thursday afternoon, so i can watch the re-run (d'oh. but yea, still) then.

started from this season, some parts of the system has changed. before this season, there were 24 contestants and they performed every week until 5 men and 5 women left, then 2 wildcards were taken. but started since this season, there will be top 36, 12 of them are going to perform every week and 3 of them are taken to be finalists plus 4 wildcards. yess, no more top 12 but it's now 13. the system of elimination is also changed. every week, the contestant with lowest percentage of vote is announced, then the judges decide to keep that contestant or send him/her home. if the judges decide to keep him/her, two contestants will be eliminated on the next show. hmmm, sounds more interesting. oya, there is also one new judge named Kara DioGuardi, and she is one that i call talented judge compared to Paula Abdul who (still!) keeps saying "you're amazing, you're my angel.. blah blah bleh". hahahaha. no offense, Paula. there is also one contestant who has (so sorry to say) disability in seeing but he really has the capability to sing and play the piano. way to go, Scott MacIntyre!

hmm, overall, all of them are great talents, although some of them can be considered as suppa-great talents, and last week was the first show for the top 13 themed Michael Jackson week and 2 contestants were sent home. wave goodbye to Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez (huaaaaaa).

For Jasmine, yaaa hmmm sorry to say, she is such a talented singer, but NOT that talented compared to other contestants. she also didnt show her best last week, so i can say that it was not a big surprised when Ryan Seacrest announced that she was the one with lowest percentage of vote and the judges decided to send her home.
but for Jorge???

huaaaa, honestly i still cant let him go. he is such a talented singer! his voice is very typical of latino and i really love his personality since he is one of the humblest contestants. ok, he didnt choose the right song that night, but still! i really regreted the judges' decisions to not keep him in the show. this is just NOT fair. Megan is the one who should be sent home! *ngamuk
huh huh
ahh, ok, whatever, its a past already. lets just discuss about another thing.
my favorite contestants?
hmmm, besides Jorge...
i also like Danny Gokey

he really impressed me when he sang Hero by Mariah Carey on top 36 and poor him, he just lost his wife several months ago who died because of cancer, if i'm not mistaken. dont worry Dan, heaven has better than super high resolution HD TV for your wife to keep following the show :)
Alexis Grace is also great great suppa suppa great. she has a unique voice and also one beautiful cutie honeypie baby daughter :D

and last but not least....


he is just SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO sexy and charming. the first time i saw him, i thought he looked like joe jonas, but later on i recognized that adam is more handsome :))
he also has that SPECTACULAR voice. both satisfaction by Rolling Stone and Black or White by Michael Jackson he sung on top 36 night and top 13 night really made me dont want to take my eyes off the screen and really spoiled both my ears. so sad knowing that he's a gay :( but nevermind, i'll find my straight and moslem version of adam lambert soon, gyahahaha *evil laugh.
if you havent started watching american idol this season, dont worry, the competition has just begun and you just missed one show of top 13, there will be still 11 weeks to go :)
is it true that american idol is not aired in RCTI anymore? if it is, uh damn. i will go to jogjakarta in around 4 weeks and i will miss the show then since my house doesnt have that indovision or astro thingy. huhuw.
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