cin(T)a, when love is not that simple

"Atau kau pindah Kristen aja, Nis?"

"Yakin lo masih mau sama gue? Tuhan gue aja berani gue khianatin, apalagi lo ntar"

i like movies. so much. i watch western movies mostly, and it's understandable since i'm now living in another country. however, thanks to youtube, now i can watch indonesian movies, especially the ones which are already released on VCDs or DVDs :D and this afternoon, i decided to watch a movie called cin(T)a. this movie was not played in commercial theatres due to the controversial issue it brings. when i knew about the movie quite long time ago, i was curious. how controversial is it until this movie becomes an indie movie which is screened only in movie festivals and campuses? first of all, you have to take a look at the title. deep, closer look. don't you guys feel curious about the brackets surrounding the letter T on the title? well, the title here doesn't simply means as cinta, or love. cin(T)a here means Cina-Tuhan-Annisa. Cina and Anissa are two people who have different religions and tribes who love each other. Cina, as can be seen from his name, is a Christian Chinese, while Annisa is a Moslem Javanese. that's why the title got a T letter in brackets, which means Tuhan is actually in the middle of their relationship and plays a very important role in it. and that is the idea of this movie. yes, it's as simple as that. however, after seeing its synopsis, one thing that still made me very curious was how would the ending be like? would they be together, or separated? a simple question but surely quite successful to make me want to watch this movie. after watching this movie, it turned out that i like it so much. this movie is actually very simple since there are only both of them talking during the whole movie. however, it didnt make me feel bored at all because i'm really interested in the stuff they're talking about. it gives me different perception about love and inter-religion tolerance. this movie also has a lot of inspiring quotes and its own philosophy about God, religion, and love itself. overall, i love this movie and it is highly recommended to watch :) you can watch it in youtube anyway, just type the title and you'll find around 8 parts of the movie. enjoy :)