all new hair ^^

firstly, i just wanna tell you all that the first time i stepped my feet into the salon, i recognized immediately that i hadnt got my hair cut for 2 years, hehe.
ok, so.. what made me go to the hair salon today and get a new hair cut? hmm, well... actually at first i thought that i looked so booooring with my old hair cut. it was midback-length, straight on the top, but wavy at the ends, with NO style and annoyingly messy. although everyone says that it's good to have long hair since you can do anything to it, but unfortunately i'm not creative enough to do anything to my hair, so the only choice i had was making a ponytail on it. that's all. but after thinking about how boring my hair was, i didnt do anything to it. i didnt rush to the salon and get my hair cut, no. i just let that thought pass my mind, since i was too lazy to go there. well, i'm not a kind of person who stands being in a salon for hours. just having my hair cut for one hour already made me yawn several times. that's why i dont get my hair cut regularly, and i usually go to the salon when my hair already looks boring and everyone cant help looking at it, hahaha.
like this morning, my mommy said that she had enough with my hair, so she took me to a salon near my house together with my sister and we both got our hair cut this afternoon. and, for me, here is the result :

and... tadaaaaa

sooo *erhm, erhm* what do you think? love it or lose it? ;)

one more person with twilight fever here : quotes, mistakes, and trivia!

kyaaa, finally! after dreaming of the charming edward cullen for days, i watched twilight two days ago with damara and alpoy and since there were a lot of shots of edward's eyes, i had to hold my breath several times during the movie, hahaha.
for those who doesnt know about the main story of twilight, google it! hahaha. just kidding. ok, it's about a vampire named edward cullen who fell in love with a normal girl named isabella swan. since it's a love story between two different creatures, it wont be easy for them to be happily ever after. they have to handle complicated problems like one of edward's family members who hates isabella so much, or a vampire who is really tempted with bella's blood. about the story, hmmmm, quite impressive. a bit harry potter-y, but you can still see the difference between both of them. i think the director was quite successfull in interpreting the story in the novel and visualizing it into a movie. besides, the panorama was just soooooooo amazing - i wonder where the shots were held.
buut, unfortunately, i did not really like kristen stewart (isabella swan). not because i'm jealous with her *LOL*, but i just dont like her expression-less face. i dont know whether the script asked her to do so, but my friends thought the same way. about the fighting scene between the cullens and james, i think it can be more marvellous than that. seems too easy and too short for me. is it because the fighting is between one versus six? maybe it is. but overall, the movie is really really worth to watch.
well, all thanks to internet, it's easier for me to look for the trivia and mistakes in the movie to accompany the quotes that i am going to write here. hahaha, just like i promised, i came back with more quotes since i am a newbie for movie-quotes-addict, and i'm going to give you all trivia and mistakes as the bonuses! see, i am such a nice blogwriter, ha-ha.
firstly, here are my favorite quotes :
Isabella Swan: How old are you?
Edward Cullen: Seventeen.
Isabella Swan: How long have you been seventeen?
Edward Cullen: ...a while.
Isabella Swan: You've got to give me some answers.
Edward Cullen: I'd rather hear your theories.
Isabella Swan: I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite.
Edward Cullen: That's all superhero stuff, right? What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm... the bad guy?
Isabella Swan: Graduation caps?
Edward Cullen: Private joke. We matriculate a lot.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: (saying to Bella who is coming to his house, referring to the food they are cooking) It gives us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time.
Isabella Swan: Look, You gotta give me some answers.
Edward Cullen: Yes. No. To get to the other side. 1.77245...
Isabella Swan: I don't need the square root of pi.
Edward Cullen: You knew that?
Edward Cullen: I should go back there and rip those guys' heads off.
Isabella Swan: Um... No, you shouldn't.
Edward Cullen: You don't know the vile, repulsive things they were thinking.
Isabella Swan: And you do?
Edward Cullen: It's not hard to guess.
Edward Cullen: Can you talk about something else? Distract me so i won't turn around.
Isabella Swan: You should put your seat belt on.
Edward Cullen: Haha... you should put your seat belt on!
Isabella Swan: Did you follow me?
Edward Cullen: I... I feel very protective of you.
Isabella Swan: So you followed me.
Edward Cullen: I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help and then I heard what those low-lives were thinking.
Isabella Swan: Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking?
Isabella Swan: So what you... you read minds?
Edward Cullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There's... Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat... And then you, nothing. That's very frustrating.
Isabella Swan: Is there something wrong with me?
Edward Cullen: See... I tell you I can read minds and you think there's something wrong with you?
now, it's time for movie mistakes! after reading the list, you may be wanting to watch twilight, or watch it AGAIN just like me :D
1. When Bella makes it to the ballet studio, she enters the building through the front door, which is presumably at street level. When Carlisle, Emmet, Jasper, and Alice show up to rescue her, they are seen jumping from the second floor. Since there is a front door, they should have entered from there, at ground level, and not one floor up.
2. When Bella and Edward talk in the woods, Bella drops her backpack behind a tree. The backpack then moves in front of the tree, and then disappears. It's easy to notice since the backpack is bright red.
3. As Bella and Edward arrive to the baseball field, they pull up in the SUV, then walk along what seems to be a river's edge, with a tall waterfall in the background. You never see the waterfall during the baseball game, and when they leave the field and walk to the SUV, the SUV is parked practically on the field, a few steps away from where they are standing.
4. While getting ready to leave the school for the field trip, you can see the wording on the school bus. It reads'Wilamette Valley," near where the movie was filmed in Oregon, instead of Forks, WA, where the movie is supposed to take place.
5. In the scene where Bella is in the hospital, when the camera is up close to her face, the breathing tubes are right by her eyes, but when the shot is far from her face, the tubes are sitting on her cheeks.
6. While Bella (Kristen Stewart) is in the hospital near the end of the movie, her eyes are green, her natural color, but during the rest of the movie, they are brown.
7. When Bella gets out of the car after Port Angeles she leaves her purse and goes home with her father. When she is at home she then has the book she bought at the store and put in her purse that she left in Edward's car.
8. When Bella enters biology lab and Edward has finally returned, as she walks over to her desk, the large book sitting on the edge repositions itself from sitting horizontally to vertically between shots. are the triviaaa
1. When Bella is looking up the Quileute mythology book she finds a listing for a bookstore in Port Angeles. Under this tab there is a list of other places to get the book, like, including "Little Brown" which is the publishing company for the "Twilight" series.
2. In one scene of the film, when Bella and Charlie are eating at the diner, there is a dark-haired woman in a red sweater sitting at the counter with a laptop, being served her meal by the waitress. The woman being served is the author of the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer.
3. Bella drops the apple in the cafeteria when she gives her theories on what Edward is. When he catches the apple, after he bounces the apple back up from his foot, the way that his hand catches the apple is the cover of the book.
4. When Bella is invited to the Cullen's house for the first time, she and Edward head for the stairway. Against the wall is a cross lying at an angle. Though they do not discuss it in the film, in the book Edward explains to Bella the history of the cross and how Carlisle acquired it. It's clear that vampires do not fear crosses.

trust me, watch the movie. this is truly one recommended way to spend the end of the year with your friends or your family!

qool quotes from gossip girl :)

owyea, call me a gossip girl freak, but i'm soooo deeply in love with this show. if you still haven't interested yet to get the dvd of season 1, these quotes below may interest you :
Chuck: I love freshmen. They're so...
Isabel: Fresh?
Dan: You'll really go out with some guy you don't know?
Serena: Well, you can't be worse than the guys I do know.
Chuck: This isn't over.
Dan (pointing at Chuck's eye he punched): Any time. That one black eye looks a little lonely.
Rufus: I dated a girl like Serena, once. Actually a lot like Serena. And girls like that might be challenging. That's true. And they're complicated, and enigmatic. And usually worth it. And the only way you know for sure is to jump it with both feet.
Dan: What happened with you?
Rufus: I swam for a while. Till I drowned.
Dan: Oh. Well, thanks dad. That's a great story.
Eleanor: Now, get some sleep. And I will see you in the morning. We're going to the photo shoot together.
(Eleanor tucks in Blair and caresses her hair)
Blair: You haven't done this since I was little.
Eleanor: You haven't been in bed by ten since you were little
Blair: Martini.
Jenny: Oh, no thanks, I don't like Vodka.
Blair: Well thats great, because this is gin, as it should be
Rufus: (answering the phone) This better not be my wife.
Lillian: Rufus! You always answer the phone like that?!
Dan: A ball?
Rufus: Haven't you heard? Your sister's Cinderella.
Dan: And let me guess. Your wicked step-sister is Blair Waldorf.
Gossip Girl: As you might have guessed, Upper East Siders, prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It's human nature to be free, and no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down.
Chuck: (sees Blair coming out of church) Well, this is the last place I'd expect to find you.
Blair: Go away, Chuck! I've been given orders, practically from God himself, to avoid you.
Chuck: Would you consider avoiding me over breakfast?
Blair: If you think about it, it makes total sense that your mom was a groupie. I mean, only a woman that had completely satisfied her sexual appetite in her youth would ever marry your stepdads.
Serena: Blair, can we not talk about my mom's appetite?
Dan: No, or who satisfied her.
Serena: That's just...
Dan, Jenny, Eric, and Serena: Gross!
Dan: So you threatened Lily van der Woodsen with physical violence? Mom, you are a bad-ass.
Alison: Yeah, well, what can I say? I was younger, then...and wearing steeled toed boots.
Blair: Nelly Yuki must be destroyed!
Serena: Why do you keep saying her name?
Blair: Because it's Nelly Yuki!
Dan: Wait, don't you all hate each other?
Blair: Yes.
Nate: Absolutely.
Chuck: No.
Serena: So where's Georgina?
Chuck: You're out of luck, she just left.
Serena: Where's Dan?
Chuck: I'm out of luck, he's still around.
Blair: Hello?
Nate: Hey, I only have a second. I'm on my way to Queens.
Blair: Gross. Why?
Nate: To meet Vanessa at a concert.
Blair: It got grosser.
Gossip Girl: Spotted, B. and C. reunited to defend S.'s honor. With friends like these, who needs armies?
fun. romance. philosophies. you can get them all in this drama. isnt it great? just go watch it then!
i guess those are all my fav quotes from the first season, since i havent watched all the episodes from season 2 (it hasnt been finished airing anyway *chuckle*)
i think i'm very interested in quotes nowadays. next time i'll come bringing more quotes - don't worry, not from gossip girl AGAIN until the airing has been finished :))
X.O.X.O, gossip girl

best of the best.... of 2008 :D

hahaha, seems REALLY REALLY REALLY unimportant to write such kinda thing like this,but its ok rite? it seems fun! besides, it's already the last month of the year and i just followed what alpoy did last year... hahah.
arrh enough with the talking. just start.

five words for the tidbits : cant stop till you drop :)) because this snack is just sooo addictive! well, you guys might not know about this snack, cuz actually this snack is only produced in jogjakarta and solo (but hey, you can order it online! just click this is made of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and eggs. seems simple, but if you dont know the composition, you may not be able to make the right taste and texture :)
what i like from roti kecik is it's not too sweet, so you can dip it in chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, jam, or other condiments you like. or you also can eat it without any condiment, you will feel the same great taste but less calorie :) besides, one other thing that i love about this snack is once you chew it, it will melt in your mouth and i really fall for the taste right when it's melted. ummmmm. heaven.

if you are stressed by your job, your assignments, or anything, just stick to this book and you'll erase the stress away. this is the second book of raditya dika that i read after kambingjantan, and it gave me greater laughter. i think his sense of humour becomes sharper book by book, yet it also shows his smartness. way to go, radith! waiting for your movie and your ridiculous expressions! :))
beware : too much laughter will lead you to mental hospital, undoubtedly :D


this is the ONLY track from my whole collection which i havent deleted from my playlist FOR ONE YEAR. hey, this is such a record for me. i'm quite easy to get bored when it comes to music. i always renew my playlist by deleting the old(er) songs and replacing them with new(er) songs, but not for this song. its still there in both my mp3 player and cellphone playlist, and maybe it will still be there until next year. i dont know why i keep listening to this song, maybe it's because of the calming vibe given by the song everytime i listen to it. or maybe because of the amazing voice of michael buble? well, whatever. just listen to the song :)


i call this movie 'the second armageddon'. i mean, i could laugh, cry, and hold my breath at the same time by only watching this movie, just like when i watched armageddon long long time ago. until now, i still laugh everytime i remember the scene where abe and hellboy sang 'can't smile without you' together. so funny! for those who havent watched this movie, hunting the dvd is highly recommended :)


choosing the winner in this category between heroes, gossip girl, hannah montana, and friends is just as hard as choosing the best movie although movie category has more choices than this category. lucky i havent watched desperate housewives yet :)) why do i choose gossip girl although i just started to watch it several days ago? hmmm. first, i havent watched all episodes of friends, so although i found that it's hilariously funny, i still cant pick it as the best. hannah montana? uh-uh, i think it's more suitable for my sister, although i also love watching the show. next reason, gossip girl is more real than heroes. it doesnt mean that i dont like sci-fi, but i think gossip girl has more complicated problems and you can see every daily problems in this drama. friendship, love, scandals, competition, backstabbing friends, problems at school, problems in business... you can see them in daily life, but the writers can write them beautifully so that people dont get bored. besides, watching gossip girl is like watching a runway project. beauuuuuuutiful outfits and gorgeous faces are available for each episode, and they are just really attractive to me, hahaha.


located in cyberjaya, saba' is just a perfect place for dinner for those who love arabian cuisine. i usually drop by every sunday for shisha, its delicious hummus, and calming mint tea pot, and you'll only spend RM 17 for that. wait, it's included RM 10 for shisha and you spend that money for 4! see? or you can try its arabian rice eaten with lamb cooked in delicious spices (daaamn, i forgot the exact name! but you can see the figure in the pic) by paying RM 10 for two, your stomach and your tongue will be so thankful for that! you also can find non-alcoholic beer called barbican here, although i havent tried one. and oooh, dont forget its delicious kebab and its delicious pudding which is perfect for dessert after eating quite heavy meal, since the pudding feels so light on my tongue and stomach. nyuuummm.


until now, i still cant believe that he's dead because of pills. although i heard that he's dead because of joker. yea, he's dead because he wanted to be perfect in being the depressed joker, so he let himself being depressed during acting as joker. after the shooting of the dark knight had been finished, he still felt depressed, so he decided to get some anti-depression pills. unfortunately, he got them too much.... and that's the end of the story. so sad he's dead because of his totality in acting. i always love him since '10 things about you' and 'brokeback mountain'. he really deserves an award. athpugh he's dead, but i think it's still ok, anyone disagrees?


why so special? ok, being a college student is completely different from being an elementary or even high school student, and i had to start this new phase of life far away from my parents. i had to start all over again in a new country, new environment, new friends, new system of education, new in everything. at first, i couldnt believe that i would be able to get through them all by myself, but seeing that i had been through this new life for one year, now i'm optimist that i can go through the next years with bigger support from my fams, my besties, and my new family in malay (kang riza, mba winda, mba evhy... tengsooo guys!).
thassal. CU guys on the next posts!

one more gossip girl lover here :)

ahh well, i might be the one millionth person on earth you know who fall in love with gossip girl :)) but trust me, if you still haven't watched this drama, GO WATCH IT. you can buy the dvds or just download it through bittorrent. this drama is just really worth to make you sit in front of your tv (or laptop like me :D) and spend your time watching the series with a bowl of popcorn. for several first episodes, you may compare it with the o.c. or laguna beach, but this is different. nobody in this series is completely protagonist nor antagonist. even the sweetest character is not as pure as a saint which means they still have their black book, or even the cruelest character can be the nicest person on earth you know.
what i like from gossip girl is, ummm, although it tells about the rich and richess, never ending parties, and all those socialite things, the story seems still down to earth to me. i mean, not all the high-class thingy are always perfect. they might look perfect on the outside, but full of scandals inside. they look very happy outside, but dying inside. i also like the love intrigues in this drama, because that's my opinion about love in real life. no love life is as smooth as silk. there can be on-and-off in a relationship. even the most perfect relationship in this drama can be broken in the end. yeah, although sometimes i'm confused with the love web : nate is with blair, then blair has scandal with chuck who is nate's bestfriend and also in love with her. nate used to be over serena who is blair's bestfriend, but now serena is with dan, who has a childhood love called vanessa, who is later the girlfriend of nate, who is later also has a relationship with jenny, dan's sister. see, complicated but fun! :) you may compare it with dawson's creek until this part, since both of them have the same complicated love web.
well, about my favorite character, hmmm... a bit difficult to choose, but i think i will choose... hmm... jenny. jenny humphrey.

yea, jenny. not nate (although he's as hot as a fresh pie out of the oven) or dan (although he's as sweet as cotton candy). why jenny? hm, well, i just like her character. she loves challenges. she wants to be popular, but it doesnt mean that she will change her personality for the popularity. sometimes she can be mean or tricky, but she's in the phase of learning as a teenager, so i think it's okay. she can change her face to the cruelest mode when she is with the society, but the face turns nice when she's with her family or with the people she likes. well, way to go taylor momsen :)
but you know what, i think i like chuck bass too.

yea i know, he's as wicked as he can be, he's the villain, but sometimes i think he has the reason for being wicked. for example, when he betrayed his bestfriend, nate, because both of them were in love with blair, i think its so normal. you have to fight for your love, right? in this case here, i think the one to be blamed is blair, i mean, why being so greedy? couldnt she just choose?
besides, i think chuck bass is the sexiest from all the guys in the series :)) i just like the way he talks, the way he stares. looks so cruel but hmm yummy, hahaha. uh yeah you know i'm sick :P

till then, you know you love me :))

X.O.X.O, gossip girl


here we are, as i promised (hm, i think i didnt make any promise, did i? :P), i wrote a post about a movie titled DEFINITELY, MAYBE. well, u may have this question pops in your mind : why DEFINITELY, MAYBE? why not JUMPER, since i am very impressed by this movie? hm, well, i have to admit that JUMPER impressed me more than DEFINITELY, MAYBE, but that's it. i mean, that's all i can say from this movie, and i had said all i was going to say in my review on my last post. different from JUMPER, i have more things to write as a post for DEFINITELY, MAYBE. i have favorite quotes, i have post-movie-curiosity which i've never had before... things i couldnt get from JUMPER. as simple as that.
i think i have to start by telling the main story of this movie. AGAIN. ok, DEFINITELY, MAYBE told about a guy, william hayes (stunningly handsome ryan reynolds), who was about to divorce with his wife, sarah. one day, will's daughter, maya (played by the sweet candy sugar pie, abigail breslin), asked how her parents met. instead of telling the story straight to the point, will told maya two other sweethearts he had for his lifetime, put both of them (and her mom) together in the story, and asked maya to guess which one her mom was from the three. sounds interesting, doesnt it. i think this is one extra point from the movie, because this made me keep guessing until the end of the story. i also kept guessing whether will and sarah would be together again or not in the very end. hmm, are these points already enough to make you go out and find the dvd?? :P
ok, stop until this part. go watch the movie. seriously! when you've finished, get back to this blog and read the rest of the post. DON'T go to the next lines if you haven't watched the movie, or you'll regret doing it :P

hi again. since you're reading this part, i can assume that you've finished watching this movie. now i'm going to talk about my post-movie-curiosity and also my favorite lines. well, i have to tell you that this is the only movie that gives me post-movie-curiosity. as you've seen, finally will was back together with april. watching the ending, for me, left big question marks instead of answer for small question marks i had before. do you think that april is the one that will's searching for? from this movie, i could conclude that april is not a kind of girl who believes in marriage. do you think that they are going to be married? if they are, i dont really think that there wont be a second divorce for will since they are like cats and dogs for each other, although i can say that they are equally smart. hhmm, there should be a sequel for this movie, i think :P
whatever, just go to my favorite quotes!
will : "i wanna marry you because you are the person i wanna look at when i wake up in the morning, and the only one i wanna kiss goodnight. because the first time that i saw these hands, i couldnt imagine life without holding them. but mainly, when you love someone as much as i love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. so.... will you.... umm... marry me?" (anj*it, sweet banget sih!)
april : "definitely, maybe."
maya : "i love penguins."
sarah : "me too"
will : "me three"
maya    : "do you know that penguins mate for life, although mr. monell told us that sometimes the husbands and wives of penguins got separated because of their migrain patterns..."
will and sarah, together : "migratory"
maya : "do you know that 35 people try to jump off the brooklyn bridge each year, most because of broken heart?"
will : "....(speechless) i'll keep that in mind"
will : "i kept the book because that's the only thing i had left of you"
alrite, maybe reading these quotes in this post seems like there's nothing special in them, but listening to those lines said by the characters in this movie will give different meanings, trust me. but you guys must agree that the penguin parts are funny, rite? haha.
other chosen movies coming up, so stay tuned! :P

7 days of movies, 7 days of boredom-free mornings :)

heyyaaaaa pals,
really sad to know that my friends in indonesia and my fams dont have the same holiday time with me everytime i come back :( but it's totally fine. i only feel bored and lonely in the mornings, and all of those feelings are gone when afternoons start since my sis is back from school, then my besties come back from tiring lectures, and after that my parents are home :)
soooooo in order to throw the boredom away from my mornings, i decided to rent some dvds from a rental near my house, ha-ha-ha-ha, sounds like a very genious idea rite, so lame i didnt do that earlier :D
since i'm not a big fan of theaters (because i am one of a few people who hates being in a dark theatre. i still can get the idea of the movie without having to be in the dark and spending more money! but its still ok if you guys wanna ask me to do so, i'm such a getting-along person :D) i rented seven movies and you guys might had watched some of it long long time ago and now may have a thought of "what?-you-haven't-watched-this-movie??-where-have-you-been-dudette?" passed your mind. its ok, i spent too much time staying in my college i guess, hhaha. now i wanna give some reviews from MY side of view. hey, i think its ok, its MY OWN blog, i can write ANYTHING i want, rite? :)
ahh lets just get it started!

well, another fancy-shmancy-musical movie from disney channel. another boring stories about the rich spoiled annoying girls who got the power above the poor, you-me-and-her, being popular, and happiness that comes after sadness. buuuuttt, one thing that makes me always want to watch disney musical movies is they always have stunning soundtracks, and this movie really DOES! the dancing-and-singing thingy in this movie really ROCK, and definitely one good choice if you're bored of listening to the pop music offered by high school musical (although i am not, hahaha) besides, joe jonas looks really DAMN COOL in this movie, hahaha. ahem.

actually the idea is pretty cool, talking about a bridesmaid who deserves a lifetime achievement award in the world of weddings since she had been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings for her entire life :D. unfortunately, the story went like any usual drama and it's so easy peasy to guess the end of the story. but dont worry, our eyes will be refreshed during watching this movie because of the beautiful dresses (trust me, the dresses are just AWESOME, luuuurrrrvvvveee 'em!), beautiful katherine heigl (i cannot believe she's 30 already! she looks like 25 to me. anyone disagrees?), and - of course, dude - james marsden, since he is the creamiest, hahaha. overall, its still worth to watch.

Honestly, at first i wasnt interested at all with this movie, i even underestimated it by thinking that this was such a regular romantic comedy movie and there's nothing special in it. Just because i got bonus of one dvd by renting six dvds, finally i chose this movie to be the bonus. besides, ashton kutcher has been my favorite since like i was in junior high school, so i thought at least i still could have a good eye-refresher (uh damn please, AGAIN :D). and u know what, after watching this movie, i completely changed my mind. this movie is great. altho its not that superb, enough to say that the movie is great. this movie could be veeerrry funny at the beginning, especially the tricks they got and all, and became veeerrry romantic at the final scenes. i totally got stunned by the one and only adorable ashton because of what he did in the very final scene (i ALMOST cried just because of looking at his face in that scene! daaaammmnnn ashton you stole my heart!), and it makes me want a guy who will do the same thing to me, huhuhuhuuuww...

Ummm... good but not that special. impressive but not that magnificent. in conclusion : a thriller which is not that thrilling, because i still put panic room as my standard of thriller (which may be too high :D ). the idea is pretty good : the boredom of a teenage home-prisoner who found it fun to do "spy-ur-neighbor"-ing that led him to danger just because he accidentally found out that one of his neighbors was a serial killer. one thing that impressed me much about this movie is the gadgets, especially the home-prisoner-detector which was used on his ankle, whose lamp will stay green when the prisoner is at home. when the prisoner is out of the houseyard, the lamp will be turned to red and the police will be alarmed at the same time. cool! havent seen any of them in indonesia nor malaysia :P

ok, i have to admit that before watching this movie, i expected too much and underestimated it at the same time. well, i had high expectation for this movie since this is mike myers' and he's well-known for producing good funny movies. at the same time, i underestimated this movie because after seeing the trailer, i was thinking that this movie would end up as a movie with disgusting sexist jokes (come on, it has jessica alba in it!). sooo, after watching the movie, now i can say that i was totally wrong. wrong in both the high expectation and the underestimation. this movie did not end up as a movie with disgusting sexist jokes, altho the main point was about the struggle of guru pitka as a love guru to bring a hockey player named darren roanoke back together with his wife, stephanie, who left him just because of another hockey player who got bigger 'thing' (uh damn, you know what i mean) named "le-coq" grande without having him to have bigger 'thing', hahaha. really, at first i thought those kinda stuff would go disgustingly just like, lets say, superbad. but i was wrong, this movie really made me laugh because of the jokes. and believe me, justin timberlake played really good here as "le-coq" grande. altho i admire him so damn much in the real life, i could hate him so damn much too when i watched him in this movie. it rarely happens to me, because everytime my favorite actor becomes the antagonist one in a movie, i'm still on his side, but not this time. wow. good job then, JT!

i have one word to describe this movie : DAMN! this movie is just DAMN cool, DAMN impressive, DAMN amazing! there is no such bad side or good side in this movie. no antagonist nor protagonist. and the story, uh wow, my heart could not stop beating quickly in those 90 minutes. the ending is unpredictable for me, since both sides (jumpers and paladins) are equally strong. your eyes will also love this movie because the director really knew how to capture all of the cities at their excellent angles, while the special effects used are just breathtaking. i believe that having a story about people who can go anywhere they want in this world in just a blink of an eye (that's why they are called jumpers, they can just 'jump' everywhere they wanna go!) would cost such a bomb, but the dollars spent for this movie were just really worth it. a must-seen movie for those who love sci-fi! for those who fall for full-of-intrict-love-drama, erhm, this movie is definitely not in your rack. ohhh one more, hayden christensen, you ROCK, MAN!! :D

oh gosh, this is such a goooood movie. the story started when maya (played beautifully by abigail breslin) asked her dad, william hayes (the sweetheart ryan reynolds) how he and her mom met. instead of telling her the usual story, will told her his lifetime love story which included three girls and asked his daughter to guess which one her mom was. unlike any usual romantic drama i've ever watched before, this movie has unpredictable ending. the quotes are just so inspiring that i have an idea to put some of them in this blog someday, or even write a post about it. definitely, maybe :P
as you can see, i didnt rent any indonesian movies. not because i dont love local products, i have a lot of them in my harddisk, trust me. i decided not to rent any of it because i can download them from youtube and i think i can download them during my facebook-and-friendster-checking-routine, so i allocate the money for renting more movies that i cannot download from youtube. hmm, maybe i will give some reviews of them in this blog. MAYBE :)
well, i still have one month of holiday to go, gotta rent more dvds then. more reviews coming up, soon! :)