what do you know about introverts?

well, the title is the question that i want to ask you before proceeding further to the post.

if what you know about introverts is this...

sorry, you're completely wrong.
don't worry, i was like you too, before i found out that i am actually an introvert.
it all started when i unintentionally did this personality quiz at, and i was diagnosed as an INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

i was not that surprised with the last three traits because i knew that i've been like that for my whole life, but knowing that i am an introvert was new. what surprised me more was when the result told me that i was 89% more an introvert than an extravert. in case you don't know, i am a very chatty person. i also think that i am quite confident everytime i am asked to present in front of the class (eventhough i have to undergo some minor palpitation first before presenting, kekekeke). that's why i was confused why i was diagnosed as an introvert.

after that, i dug some informations about introverts in the web, and what i got (again) surprised me because introverts are actually like this

and based on those informations that i get, introverts are not that much different from extraverts

the difference is just extraverts feel recharged when they meet and socialize. the more people they interact with, the more energized they feel. on the other hand, introverts feel recharged when they are alone and do their own things. the more people they interact with, the more drained their energy is. however, it doesn't mean that introverts are antisocial. they still come to parties or other social events, but then when they feel it's tiring enough for them to socialize, they will go back home. that's it.

so, after reading this 'newfound' definition of introversion and extraversion, now i can accept that i am an introvert. i socialize when i want to, and i don't push myself to be in the social circle that i am not comfortable with. i also don't push myself to join the 'in' events forthesake of making myself look sociable, because it will be more uncomfortable for me and even people around me to know that i don't enjoy the event. besides, i don't enjoy being in a big crowd, because i will slowly become anxious since i am not really a people person.

however, i know how to have fun. i go to malls, window-shopping, gathering in restaurants or cafes, or even karaoke box with my closest friends. the thing is, i can't deny that i am such a homey person. my way of recharging myself is staying at home, watching or doing  this or that in my laptop, reading novels, or making something without leaving my comfortable cocoon of a home. that is my favorite weekend 'getaway', and trust me, i always feel more energized and refreshed when monday comes.

buuuuuut it doesn't mean that i do not enjoy travelling or hanging out, nope, not at all. i enjoy those things, but since these things are those that drain my energy, i become selective of it and i don't do these things much, but, of course, i still want to do them sometimes :)


after understanding what introverts are all about, here are tips on how to deal with them (just in case you have one or more introvert friends :D)

well, this is the end of this post, and i hope you see introverts in a new light and know how to communicate or be friends with them now without being, well you know, awkward or something :D