2013 recommendations + 2014 resolutions :)

finally! the last post of 2013! ^^
well, i cannot say that i wrote a lot this year, but i can confidently say that i wrote more than last year, which is good.... i guess? *grin*
to be honest, i am already out of ideas on what to write to -so called- celebrate the end of 2013. i had written 'best of the bests' post before, but since i didn't have much 'best of the bests' last year, i decided to write my new year resolutions in a form of 'letter to the past and future me'.

so, genius me decided to combine both in a post this year. muhohohohoho.

however, i didn't use the term 'best of the bests' this time, because i think i haven't watched many movies, read many books, or whatever to call this as the best, but i can use the term 'recommendations' i guess... rite? RITE??

okay, before everything gets weirder, i better start now, ne??

WARNING: you guys know that i'm so into kpop right? so you better understand that most recommendations are going to be kpop-related, or else you can stop here if you are not really into kpop recommendations ^^

recommended movie

Miracle in Cell No. 7

i think i already have enough share of movies this year, regardless of the language and genre. i just watched this movie yesterday, and this movie really takes the cake. i can even say that this is my second most favorite movie because nothing is able to defeat Armaggeddon as my all time favorite movie, yet. this movie successfully made me heave and cry to the limit that i couldn't breathe. i am such a sucker for family and friendship movies, and this movie catered both of my needs. seriously, before watching this, make sure to prepare a box of tissues next to you, no matter how heartless you are, because i'm sure that you'll -at least- shed a single tear during the movie.

recommended series

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

i am so sorry that i just put korean series into consideration for this recommendation. i really don't have enough patience to wait for 5 or 6 more seasons before finishing any hollywood series :P i am actually torn between choosing this or School 2013 as the most recommended series, but then i decided to pick SUFBB after much much MUCH thought. i know there are more famous korean series out there *coughTheHeirscough* but i love this even more. this is definitely not your typical series, because you'll get enough brotherhood and love stories, with a pinch of family issues here and there. this series also have perfect dose of humour, fluff, and angst, IMHO. however, what i love the most about this series is the ending. i'm pretty confident to say that SUFBB got the most realistic ending, with the closure that you may not get in other series. definitely recommended :)

recommended animated movie

Rise of The Guardians

because jack frost is the most handsome cartoon character ever. enough said.

naaaaah i'm just kidding :D  that is definitely one of the reasons. but you still need to watch this because, well, where else can you get all of the legendary childhood story characters in one movie? a good storyline is just a bonus after all :)

recommended ballad track

SHINee - Selene 6.23

i really understand if you say that i am biased since shinee is like my ultimate favorite kpop group. however, you should listen to this song and read the english translation to understand why i recommend this song. this song is most probably the most underrated title song from shinee, but this is my most favorite ballad from them. another reason why i love this song is the way how onew and taemin's voice blend beautifully at minute 2:23 *cries a river*

recommended upbeat track

Infinite - Request

what i love about this song is actually its simplicity. being a nice mood-lifting song does not need complicated tunes, and this song just proves it. the beat is just nice to make you smile and tap your fingers on the table a little bit, but it is always successful to make me feel better. the fact that the members are the ones who wrote and composed this song (sunggyu and woohyun), created the choreography (hoya and dongwoo), even designed the album cover (L, sungyeol, sungjong) made this song even better in my eyes (or ears? no idea hehehe). unfortunately, this song was not promoted in music shows or even sung in concerts because this is just a promotional song for Samsung. i want to hear more of this song live, actually :(

recommended MV

Lee Seungchul - My Love

some of you might not know this song (really, what is it with me and underrated songs?) or maybe just found out about this song during SBS Gayo Daejun (because Onew-Woohyun-Hyunseung-Sandeul sang the remix of it and OMG I GOTTA SAY THAT I WAS REALLY OVERWHELMED BCS THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG FROM LEE SEUNGCHUL AND ONEW MY HONORABLE BIAS SANG THE REMIX OF IT ok nevermind pls understand my emotional outburst just now), but you really have to take a look at the MV. the mv is just simple, it is actually a footage video of how a guy proposes to his girlfriend, but you gotta see the way he proposed because OMG how rich are you to have that kind of proposal really??? the proposal is really sweet and moving and god you really just need to watch it!

recommended site


i started to know tumblr and became addicted to it during this year, to the limit that i abandon my facebook now. some people say that it's complicated to use tumblr, but trust me, even not-tech-savvy-me can enjoy it so much. my most favorite thing about tumblr is because it is easy to find your favorite tumblogs or even posts through hashtags, also because you can reblog the posts that you like, or just simply 'like' it. i love tumblr because of kpop, but you basically can find all the things that you like here, from movies to art. trust me, once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to leave tumblr :P

hmmmm, are these recommendations good enough for you? well, i hope so :D

sooooo let's get going to my new year resolutions, shall we?
first of all, after last year, to be honest, i don't really believe in new year resolutions. for me, if you want to be a better person, you don't have to wait until next year to do so. however, i have two goals that i really want to achieve during 2014:

1. replace rice with oat for lunch at least three times a week (for health purposes, definitely)

and most importantly

2. graduate as master of science.

extra fingers to cross please? hehehe. thank you ^^

soooooo last but not least, happy new year and have an amazing year ahead! ^^


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