Seeing Siwon

First of all, OMG I still can't believe that I just saw CHOI SIWON just RIGHT in front of my eyes, he wasn't even more than 100 metre from where I stood, and I could see him for FREE (well, except the RM 5 that I had to spent in total for the transportation fare, but it doesn't matter at all since it's for Choi Siwon okay, and...alright, I guess I start to get out of context so I better stop :D)

Well, I think it's better to know the full story from the very beginning, ne?

It all started from this tweet in his account @siwon407

And I was like

Because, come on, he's in Malaysia and I didn't even know a thing about that?? I didn't even know what event he's about to attend whatsoever!
So I decided to check on some SJ fanbases in Malaysia to get some info, but it seemed like they didn't know a thing about that either. I wasn't prepared about this at all. I was on my way to campus when I read his first tweet, and I had to settle some things in the morning, so when the second tweet came

I directly checked on one of Siwon's Malaysian fanbases, @mymrsiwon, and found out that he stayed (or is staying? Since rumour has it that he's going to be here until March 27th) at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which is located like only across of KL Sentral. I was like, oh maaaannn, if I didn't have to settle my things, I would directly go there and join all the ELFs to wait for him!!

During lunch, I told Zhafarina that Siwon came to Malaysia and at that time, the third tweet came

I asked Zhafarina whether she knows this place, and apparently she does! She said that the park is just minutes from her house, and she offered that we could go see him together! Of course I didn't waste her offer and agreed to it right away since I didn't have anything to do in the lab after lunch. She is a fan of Siwon too anyway, although she's not an ELF (don't get confused. It is definitely possible for her XD).
From @mymrsiwon, we also found out that Siwon was here for LINE CF shoot. Although Siwon stated that he would arrive around 5 pm, Zhaf said that the parking lot at the park is so small and she's afraid that we wouldn't get any parking spot if we arrived late. Besides, after 4pm, there would most definitely be traffic jam around KL because it's the time when people go back from office. Furthermore, KL is also pretty far from my campus since UPM is situated in Serdang. So, at the end, what time did we decide to leave UPM?

2.30 pm. Yes, you read it right, which is like 2 and a half hours away from the appointed time. Yes, we're just that enthusiastic (or being too cautious, I have no idea either XD).

We departed from UPM around 2.40 pm, and surprisingly our dearest supervisor (Dr. K) gave her full support to us (although we had to go through some teasings from her first :P). We arrived there around 3.00 pm (because Zhaf was too excited and she drove like a mad woman, I tell ya :P), and we were the first fans to arrive! Kekekeke~

So we entered the park and we were like thinking, "Oh man... Which part of this enormous park will he be?" because this park had three different entrances, and the entrances were like from one end to another. We were afraid that we wouldn't get even a glimpse of him if we were at the wrong entrance. And you know what we did? We decided to check all entrances and tried to figure out which entrance that would be the most possible one for him to get into the park ("I guess he would enter from the middle entrance. It's the main entrance after all, and the parking lot is bigger." "But if I had to be the one responsible to bring Siwon, I would be as undercover as possible, and I would choose this entrance since it's the most hidden and nobody would guess that he enters from here." "But the parking lot is too small. I'm pretty sure he'll come with his entourage and all the props, the parking lot here won't occupy them all." "Or is it possible that he will enter from the entrance where we park the car? It's pretty hidden, and the parking lot is quite spacious after all."). And while we were debating about all the possibilities.... We suddenly saw one white van with a motorcycled police accompanying it. Of course we were like... Omona, is that him?? But it's still around 4 pm, it can't be him!
We decided to get closer anyway, and so the rest of ELFs who were waiting at the park. Gosh, when I saw the rest of ELFs, I suddenly felt old since they all look like they're still teenagers, or the oldest they can be is around 21-22 years old. They brought their banners, mostly asking for SS5 to be held in Malaysia. They also brought their killer DSLR with their gigantuous lenses, while we only had our cellphones, with half-filled battery somemore, with us. They were definitely more prepared than us, clearly :P

this was just A QUARTER of the crowd. Impressive, right?

Then trucks bringing the props started coming, and I even saw this truck which was meant to be changing room+toilet. This was the first time for me to see such thing!

see the one with ladder? that's the toilet+changing room truck!

The staffs also started to set up the props.

We also got a few 'false alarms' since the crowd started cheering everytime there was any car coming and parked near those trucks. There was even one sport car parked around there and the crowd already went crazy because they all thought that it's Siwon, but it wasn't after all :P Zhafarina and I were not part of the crowd since we preferred to secure our spot near the shooting area. He's going to have his shoot there anyway, so it's better to see him up close during shooting rather than only having a glimpse of him when he gets out the car, right? :D

Around 5.10-5.15 pm (I didn't really remember the exact time), a van arrived together with two motorcycled police, and we're really sure that Siwon must be inside that van. Prince Manager came out first and checked the area, while Siwon stayed in the van for quite some time.

Prince Manager was the one in white. The lighting and my camera both sucked big time, please understand >,<

I guess Siwon did his makeup first in the van. You guys really have to know that Prince Manager is reaaaally handsome up close! He really deserves to be an idol himself, IMHO. Unfortunately he moved too fast and I couldn't catch even a clear pic of him with my stupid cellphone camera >.<

After failing to get a decent pic of Prince Manager, I really wanted to get at least a pic of Siwon so that at least I have a proof. So you know what I did? I asked Zhafarina if she wanted to join me to look at the van together with other ELFs, but she said she better stayed to secure our spot, so I left her for a while and to get better view I decided to...climb a slide.
Yes, a FRIGGIN SLIDE. See, the things that I did to get your pic, Siwon! Wkwkwk~

Aaaaaaand there he comes!

my handsome namja in blue! Gyaaaaa~

Sorry for the REALLY crappy quality of the pic. It was zoomed somemore :P

Yes, you can see that the security was tight.

You know what, I already warned Zhafarina at first if I suddenly cried or even fainted because omg this is my bias okay. However, when Siwon was walking through the crowd in front of my eyes, the only thing I could do was chanting "omigod omigod omigod omigod" over and over without even realizing it. I was like totally speechless. I couldn't even scream "Siwon oppa! Siwon-shii!" like what others did since I literally made an :O face. Trust me, Siwon in real life is much much much much MUCH more handsome than even the most handsome picture or ad of him you've ever seen, like seriously. His skin is soooo fairly white (if he's this white in real life, I can't imagine how pale Kyuhyun or Eunhyuk is in real life, to be honest. Or was it just the afternoon sun tricking me? I have no idea) and totally flawless! He's also really tall (well, he's 182-183 cm after all) and his body is soooo nicely built. The good thing about him is he kept on smiling and I didn't even see a single frown coming from him even until the shoot had ended.

touch up, touch up....
sorry oppa, Malaysia must be scorching hot for you....
stupid tree, you block uri oppa's face!

FINALLY  a (quite) decent picture of Siwon-oppa!

He's also very friendly and kept waving to us everytime he had a short break. Since it's Siwon, and it's not like every day we can see him, I guess it's very normal for any of us to shout his name at all times. The director (who was a girl) was a bit mad at first since we didn't want to shut up eventhough she already warned us. The funny thing was after Siwon borrowed the director's mic and said "no screaming please" while smiling, we couldn't help seeing his smile and screamed even louder XD.

The scenes itself were really short. He just had to walk several steps and acted like he had a small talk with the model in the first scene, but it needed to be repeated a lot of times. Some of the girls in the crowd said that the model was from Singapore, but I'm not sure either. The model is reaaaaally pretty, and the first thing that I noticed from her was that she got really nice hair, kekeke.

Siwon-oppa with the model
The next scene was a hug between Siwon and the model. Like what I expected, there were some 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' coming from the crowd when they hugged, but luckily the director didn't get mad at us this time :P seriously, even to get equal and balanced height for the two of them, the model had to wear really high heels, and it made me realize even more to the fact that Siwon is so tall :P

The second scene itself also had to be repeated a lot of times (and I kept on thinking oh guuuurl how lucky you are to be able to hug him like a zillion times!), and thunder already started to roar towards the end of the shoot. Siwon made this funny gesture without saying a word to ask us to pray so that it didn't rain, so cute! However, it was finally raining at the end, but thankfully the shoot was over already. After taking some pictures using his iPhone (including this and this pic that he uploaded in his twitter. Seriously, the crowd directly went wild when he gestured to us to take the pic together. Poor security guards XD), he ran back to his van through the crowd, all of sudden. When he was running, all of us spontaneously shouted "SS5! SS5! SS5!" altogether. It was daebak to be honest :D

.... And that was the end of our 'Seeing Siwon' adventure ^^

We went out from the park around 7.00 pm with smiles on our faces. Though he didn't get a chance to say anything to us ELFs, we are really satisfied. Until now, I still can't believe that I just met my bias in SJ and saw him live in front of my eyes. Seriously, I still feel like it was just a dream. This was a really nice experience, and definitely I'll sleep with smile on my face too tonight :)

Soooo that's all from me folks. So sorry for the very low quality of the pics and also if the way I tell the story is kinda boring ^^


ps: Stupid blogger doesn't let me rotate my pics! Grrrrr~ sorry for all the inconveniences! >.<
pss: We were featured in 8tv Nite Live's Facebook! Gyaaaa~ (although half of our faces were not pictured, kekeke. I was the one in SAPPHIRE BLUE tshirt, Zhaf was the one in plaid shirt)


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